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Are You Motivated with Lithuania Immigration from India?

Lithuania–officially known as the Republic of Lithuania–is situated in the Northern Europe, and is one of the three Baltic States. Earlier a part of the Soviet Union, it broke free from the same in 1990. It was the first Soviet republic to do so.

The country is counted among one of the most developed counties in Europe. The United Nations Human Development Index (UNHDI) has listed the Northern European nation as a “very high human development” country. It has one of the fastest and strongest growing economies.

No wonder, immigrants from every part of the world has an eye for Lithuania immigration. Many business migrants especially have an attraction for Lithuania immigration. These people wish to start their business venture there in as the Baltic state has been ranked 17th in the Ease of Doing Business Index.

Since ages, Indians have been moving out and the recent trend shows many Indians are eager to immigrate to this European country. Immigration to Lithuania from India is quite easy, affordable and hassle-free. The country has an added edge above other countries as the people shifting out from India get an easy entry to the EU. They can easily travel to the Schengen countries as per their will and specific requirement and can also access all the services and facilities of the European countries.

Immigration from India to Lithuania is possible through filing provisional residence permission, i.e., the TRP. It enables the Non-European citizens to live in the country on provisional basis, for a specific term mentioned, on visa document or minimum one year.

Comparatively, obtaining a TRP is quite easy as you do not need any work experience, or for that matter, any other specific trade qualification. Generally, it is desired that applicant should possess a good academic record along with appropriate linguistic skills in the English language. According to section 40 of statutes on the legal standing of foreigners, the TRP is granted when a foreign national:

  • Wants to reunite with his family.
  • Wants to maintain the eligibility for Lithuania citizenship
  • Wants to join the thriving Lithuania workforce
  • Wants to establish a business venture
  • Wants to pursue higher education
  • Applicant is under guardianship
  • Cannot leave the country due to health reasons

Temporary Residence Visa (TRV)

In order to obtain TRV, the candidate need not have a prior work experience or education qualification but ought to have a reasonably good academic and professional record and proficiency in the English language. He can submit an application for a Lithuanian Permanent Residence Permit.

Citizenship of Lithuania

Lithuanian citizenship is the highest status. The holder enjoys the maximum rights. He can migrate to the European countries and the Schengen Zone freely and without any kind of restrictions whatsoever; he has a right to vote and even contest election, he has a right to hold Lithuania passport, among many others.

In order to successfully immigrate under any of the above categories, you need to contact the Lithuania Embassy located in the capital city, New Delhi. The concerned visa and immigration authorities will forward your petition to the Immigration Office located in Vilnius, Lithuania. In general, the processing time may take anywhere between 6 and 12 months.

Lithuania Visa Ad visors

To make your visa petition path relatively easier and trouble-free, consult an expert immigration agent dealing with Lithuania immigration. You will find many competent advisors operating in or around your place. Seek and get professional support and guidance from the most experienced and trusted visa consultant.

In all likelihood, he will help you with the critical Lithuania immigration process from India. Pay the consultancy fee for his services and use his specialized expertise to crack the Lithuania immigration code. Successfully migrate to the beautiful European destination.

Immigration to Canada from India—Know How To Do It!

With time, the ‘Maple Leaf Country’, Canada, has become a rather hot immigration destination for the Indian immigrants. In fact, the overseas hotspot has developed as one of the largest Indian communities, and it proudly continues to welcome trained professionals, students and business people round the year.

Some particular Canadian states like; for instance, Ontario, British Columbia (BC), and Toronto have the largest number of Indo-Canadian population. With time, the country has become an immigrant friendly country helping Indian immigrants to make Canada their second home and do well there professionally.

Benefits of Immigration to Canada from India

Canada immigration from India comes with several benefits for the migrants. Let’s take a quick look at some of the major advantages of migration to Canada from India!

I. Immigrants enjoys the basic right to freely work and live with-in the Canadian territory, except Quebec

II. Under certain specific circumstance, immigrants have the freedom of immigrating to the ‘Maple Leaf country’, along with their family members with the freedom of visiting their native country as per their convenience.

III. As per the NAFTA agreement, immigrants have an option of spreading their business wings in the US as well.

IV. All permanent residents enjoy the same rights and freedom enjoyed by the Canadian citizens.

V. Once as a permanent resident you have worked and lived in the country, for a period of three years, you are entitled to obtain its citizenship.

There are basically two main routes of Canada immigration for the Indian aspirants. From India, Immigration to Canada is possible through:

I. Federal Skilled Worker Program

II. Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)

Federal Skilled Worker Program—it is developed for skilled professional who are capable of contributing to the nation’s economy. Under the program, trained professionals are permitted to permanently join the Canadian workforce. Every applicant is assessed on the basis of the point test. To clear it, it is mandatory for you to score 60 out of 100 points.

Candidates are assessed on the basis of their age, education, language skills, adaptability, arranged job, and employment experience. Additionally, he has to prove his financial capability to support himself and his family while he looks out for a job in the nation. The most important benefit of migration under the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme is that you are granted a permit without pre-loaded with a lucrative job offer.

Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)—it allows every province to nominate individual applicants who wish to live and work in any particular province. It is an important fast-track option to obtain the prized Permanent Residency (PR). Every province and territory has developed its own Provincial Nomination Programs, except Quebec.

Since long, both provincial and territorial governments have been using these programs in their respective regions. Each PNP is developed as per the province’s/territory’s specific needs to select suitable nominees who are cable of contributing towards their economical growth.

To immigrate using any of the above categories, you need to submit your complete application at the Canada High Commission situated in the capital city of India, New Delhi; of course, if you are located in or near this part of the world. Amendments in any program are subject to circumstances.

It is advisable to pre-assess yourself before submitting your petition, and also consult an immigration expert. Talking of visa agents, you will come across several of them in most of the leading Indian cities. Consult one whose services and charges suit you.

Check with some concerned people though before you engage a Canada immigration consultant. The market has no dearth of unscrupulous services providers. Also remember that no expert can guarantee you a 100% success but he may assist you while you try to complete the lengthy and complicated visa and immigration procedure to the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’.

Attention Skilled Software Engineers and Designers! Get Immigration Services to Australia and Canada!

Both Australia and Canada enjoy the status of well developed countries. Geographically located in different continents, these nations are world famous and widely preferred by the immigrants from across the globe. There are many similarities between these economically developed countries. Economic prosperity and modern yet quality life style remains the topmost similarity, among others. Little surprise, a remarkable number of immigrants submit their visa petitions to immigrate to these countries, round the year.

Like many other immigration hotspots of the world, both Australia and Canada are also currently facing serious shortage of skilled professionals from many occupations, and Software Engineers and Designers are one such expert. To cater to the growing demand of these specialists in these nations, many immigration consultants have begun to offer their professional services to those interested in the same.

Since the last decade, the demand of Software Engineers and Designers has extensively risen in the respective countries, and to cater to this growing demand, the concerned immigration authorities usually give preference to the applicants who are applying under the above mentioned professions.

Looking at the present scenario, as mentioned before, many immigration experts have started to tailor their services exclusively for Software Engineers and Designers, keen to immigrate to Australia and/or Canada.

Are You Interested in Immigration to Denmark from India?

Worldwide, Indians, by and large, are well known and respected for their professional skills and ambitious attitude. To do well in life and excel in their career many Indians immigrate to different countries with Denmark being one such immigration hotspot.

This stunning European country is an all time favorite for Indian immigrants. The country offers plethora of well-paying job opportunities, high standard of life, and the most professional lifestyle to cherish forever. Remarkably, it is also known as the safest place on earth with almost zero crime rate.

Denmark–a Nordic country in Northern Europe–is also known as the ‘happiest country in world’. It has a high level of income equality and has the highest per capita income and is counted among the best well developed countries in the world.

Why Denmark and not any other country?

The ‘Safest Place on Earth’, Denmark, is the most active member of the European Union (EU). Round the year, it recruits skilled professionals in various sectors. Indians are known for their skills, proficiency and quality education. Above all, immigrants from India usually consider Denmark as an easy entry to Europe. The European country recognizes the Indian talent and gives preference while processing the visa.

Are You Interested in Immigration to UK from India?

The United Kingdom (UK) or Great Britain is a dream destination of many. The sovereign state is well known for its quality lifestyle and strong economy. The country has the sixth largest economy in world and is the all time favorite among Indian immigrants. The charm of this European country is quite high among Indians, and every year 1000s of new applicants submit their application with a dream of kick starting their career in UK.

Why the country is the first choice for Indian immigrants?

Firstly, since decades, a large number of Indians has immigrated making a large Indian community in UK, in a way, a home away from home. Secondly, the country is multi-cultural and diverse in nature, and the present citizens welcome people from different ethnicity. Thirdly, the country gives an excellent opportunity to the Indian immigrants to channelize their professional skills with fixed work hours and a lucrative pay package.

Immigration to UK from India is not an easy task. The immigration process is lengthy and complicated. Still, the country continues to attract many. The reason is its economic prosperity, multiple job opportunities, modern life style, and social benefits, among others.

Oz Adds 121,000 Fresh Posts in August

Australia added as many as 121,000 fresh jobs during the month of August, 2014 even as the same comprised 14,300 permanent and 106,700 part-time employment opportunities. According to the available data, the latest addition of fresh jobs is the highest adding together of jobs during the time-frame of the previous three decades.

The job augmentation of 121,000 during August 2014 has even left behind the ballpark figures of nearly 12,000 employment opportunities in August by a census. The increase in jobs is alleged to be the biggest in the recorded history even as it comes as a huge revelation.

Australia Unemployment Rate Heads North

The generation of latest posts during the month of August 2014 has driven the rate of unemployment down to 6.1% from 6.4% in August 2014, and this is the most impressive during the 12 years time. Though educated guess was that Oz’s rate of unemployment would come down to 6.3%, the result is rather welcoming and astonishing for everyone concerned.

Majority of Jobs Part-time by Nature

Even as there has been a big rise in employment opportunity numbers during the month of August, 2014, the remarkable increase has been seen in part-time opportunities. The rate of participation swelled to 65.2% witnessing a 16-month peak. While part-time employment in Down Under went up to 3.61 million at 106,700, permanent employment went to a maximum of 8.09 million with a swell of 14,300 fresh jobs during August, 2014. Nevertheless, the same cannot be refuted that such a big rise in opportunities is a Big upside disclosure that has left one and all puzzled, it is claimed.

The increase in part-time employment may be due to several reasons. The increase in the nation’s employment during the month of August, 2014 is comparable to close-to 1.3 million in the US payrolls, post considering the various sizes of two countries’ labor markets. All this, unquestionably, indicates a good result for the national economy of Australia, and would increase the national economy’s confidence, or so it is maintained.

Australia Costliest Immigration Destination for Studying Overseas

As per a report–based on a recent survey by a well-known organization–Australia has been rated as the costliest country for overseas students, eager to obtain university education. Being the costliest nation for studying abroad does not denote, however, that Oz provides the finest quality education. According to the available particulars, 5,000 parents participated as part of the study relating 15 countries.

The study examined the average charges of the study courses, together with living expenses in the specific country. The findings of the study reveal that close to $42,000 is the predictable amount to be exhausted by overseas students for pursuing university education in Down Under per annum. And this money comprises supporting expenses in the country.

Meanwhile, Canada is placed at the 6th position, in terms of the overall expenses of studying. A global student has to fritter away nearly 30,000 US dollars every year for the object of pursuing undergraduate education in the country. And overseas students will need 36,000 US Dollars every year for study purposes in the US.

As far as the overall quality of education goes, well, Canada is placed at the 4th spot for its overall quality of education. And in terms of expenditure, it’s rated 6. The same noticeably signifies that studying in the Maple Leaf Country provides really good value for the money exhausted.

The US is placed right at the top place in terms of the quality of education. However–in terms of the overall expenses of living and the entire costs every year for overseas students, keen to obtain education–the US may not be the unambiguous choice, thanks to its exorbitantly high charges. By the latest study, Australia has been placed at the 5th spot, in terms of the overall quality of education. Remarkably, Oz still boasts of the highest percentage of overseas students across the globe..

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Top Advantages of Migrating to Canada

Among the many leading immigration destinations of the world, the Maple Leaf Country, i.e., Canada, occupies a very high place. Some observers claim it is the topmost immigration hotspot in the world. Canada immigration comes with several remarkable advantages. But we will discuss it about the same later. At first, let’s take a swift look at the country to understand why immigration to it proffers numerous advantages and benefits to the lucky visitors.

Canada ranks at the 10th position in the world, in terms of economy, and its firm economic and banking management has helped it come out of the global economic recession, in a far much better way and shorter period than any other developed country.

The nation is well-known for its outdoor sports activities, like hill skiing, hiking, and rowing which attract sports lovers to be a part of this developed world economy. It has a pleasant climate, which is neither too hot nor too cold. The concerned immigration body, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has several attractive and easy to follow visa classes for the migrants of practically all kinds.

Get PR Migration Services for Code Software Engineer 261313!

Lately, the demand of trained Software Engineers has increased worldwide. These professionals design, maintain, develop, appraise and test software and systems that make computer work. Many such professionals, in search of better livelihood, immigrate to the countries offering better opportunities. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia, is one such country.

Country’s Profile

Better known as the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ and/or ‘Down Under’, Australia is known for its quality lifestyle, crystal clear beaches, plethora of employment opportunities, well developed infrastructure and transportation and immigrant-friendly people, among many more. Since ages, people have immigrated to the country. At the present, it is estimated that almost 25% of the country’s population is composed of immigrants.

Job Profile – Software Engineer 261313

These experts develop, design, maintain, test and document the program code in accordance with user requirements, and system alternatively. They are also known as Software Architects and/or Software Designers. Their major area of specialization is Computer Applications Engineer, Database Designer or Systems Architect.

PR Migration Services

Australia immigration is a dream of many Software Engineers and obtaining a PR is the most prized and awaited permit one dreams of which can be obtained after availing the services of professional migration experts. Permanent Residents are the residents of Australia but are not are not the citizens of the country.

Formalities to Be Reduced for Migration Representatives in Australia

It has been made public that the re-registration procedure for the migration consultants in Australia is to be made relatively easier and simpler even as the amendment–scheduled to become effective during the month of January 2014–has been put on hold. The concerned Australian minister stated that the English language skill condition for the re-registering of the migration representatives will presently not take place even as the move is component of a general drive to decrease paperwork.

Under the previous Labour administration, the change influencing migration agent’s re-registration was scheduled to become effective from January 01. However, the minister stated that making the re-registration process trouble-free will save the field both money & time. It is claimed that the pronouncement shows the regime’s pledge to cut down red tape even as it will enable the migration consultancy business to concentrate on providing first-rate support and help to clients.