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What exactly is Canada Fresh National Occupational Classification 2014?

The National Occupational Classification 2014, commonly referred as NOC, provides a standardized language for describing the details of the work performed by Canadians and foreign nationals in the local labor market. Under the single classified code, it provides career counselors, labor market analysts, statisticians to recruiters and individual job seekers a dependable and reliable method to gather the required data, and explain and identify with the nature of work.

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is used for extracting practical career planning information, managing information database, defining and collecting statistics, and analyzing the labor market trends. On the basis of the five years Census cycles, the inventory of NOC is developed and updated, in collaborations with Statistics Canada. And, it is based on the extensive occupational research and consultations conducted throughout the nation reflecting the evolution of the local labor market.

Under the fresh National Occupational Classification list 2014, there are four skill levels. Beginning with the Level A, occupations usually requires university degree followed by Level B that requires college or vocation training, thereafter Level C that requires secondary school or occupation specific training, and lastly Level D under which only the job training is required, and the most senior managerial occupations are mentioned under Level 0, considered as skilled occupations.

Make Canada Immigration Process From India Easier!

In the crucial matter of overseas movement, perhaps, there is no better country than the Maple Leaf Country. Well, here one is referring to Canada. Yes, no other country can possibly beat this amazing immigration hotspot, located in the north of the US!

The highly beautiful and picture-perfect country is one of those nations that consider immigrants as its valuable assets. And, when the immigration process of Canada is compared by other developed nations, it is found that it is more flexible and transparent, and also an easier destination for Indian immigrants to immigrate.

But before you know about the Canada Immigration Process from India are you sure the country is really perfect for you? It is no secret that a large number of Indians immigrate to Canada every year for one purpose or another.

Get Professional Help from Expert Consultants for Australia Permanent Visa!

The highly prized, and also widely accepted, Australia Permanent Visa provides you an excellent opportunity to live and work in the immigration hotspot of your dreams indefinitely. Significantly, the permanent permit is only valid for the non-citizens. Once you have successfully obtained the stated visa, you can live, work, and/or study as per you own specific convenience in the country, with no major difficulties whatsoever. Besides, you can also benefit from many rights, like; for instance, the right to freely move within country, without any limitations or restrictions.

Frankly speaking, this is the most prized category for the Australian non-citizens, and is considered next only to Australian Citizenship in importance and acceptance. The visa is much desired because even after your initial permit has expired, or lost its legal validity, you can continue to live and work in the country, provided; of course, you have not broken or breached any law of the land or Australian rule.

No doubt, Down Under is a dream immigration destination for any and every one. With so many qualities, the overseas hotspot–renowned the world over for its towering skyscrapers and IT excellence–is a hot immigration destination. Migrants from all segments of the society, and from almost every corner of the world, want to land on this amazingly beautiful and ethnically diverse country.

Australia Immigration for Skilled Professionals—A Great Option!

Today, immigration to one of the most popular and widely visited overseas immigration hotspots, Australia, is considered a very good option for qualified specialists–especially for the youngsters who are trained, and want to give wings to their professional skills. Yes, Australia Immigration for Skilled Professionals is regarded a superb option, rightfully so!

Actually, almost every third overseas immigration-motivated aspirant now knows that the Australian economy is one of the best developed economies in the world, and it continuously encourages qualified immigrants to immigrate. And, perhaps, this is the main reason why the nation occupies a rather high place in the list of those, who wish to scale the dizzying heights of their professional glory out-of-the-country.

The Australian lifestyle, by and large, is metropolitan, environment is highly peaceful, and crime rate is nearly under control. The nation also proffers an excellent work environment to skilled specialists to enhance their professional skills. Available data shows that out of the country’s total population, almost 25% consists of the immigrants who make the country, perhaps, the most preferred and desired nation for immigrants worldwide.

Check Updated Skilled Occupation List Canada 2014! Does Your Profession Find Mention?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has released a new list of 50 Occupations which are eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). In force from May 1, following is the updated skilled occupation list for Canada – 2014

Attention HR Professionals! Immigration to Australia from India Now Possible!

Are you one of the HR professionals and interested in immigration to Australia from India with a Permanent Residency Visa (PRV)? If the answer is in the affirmative, this edit is especially for you. It is true that people like you are highly in demand in the present Australian economic growth even as the candidates like you may file a petition through the GSM (General Skilled Migration) Scheme, via SkillSelect Permit. As per some reports, the present time is just perfect for people like you to move to the country.

Specialists like you offer personnel administration & employment services for the support of any organization’s HR strategies and plans to fulfill their long term object. Every firm has its own, or multiple expressions of its own, inimitable culture. Also known as organizational mores, the same comprises the importance, dreams, principles, standards, working language, methods, and customs of a group which work collectively. A really good HR worker builds-up & administers his firm’s culture. He hires fresh workers, carries-on gains & payroll, acts as go-between disagreements, and makes appointments. His position is at the center of an organization’s success.

Immigration to Australia from India–Key Requirements

To migrate to the nation–as one of the HR professionals, with a Permanent Residency (PR) Permit–you will need to fulfill some essential conditions. Through the present SkillSelect scheme, aspirants like you require obtaining an invite from the organization to present a petition.