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USA L1 Visa—A Fleeting Glance

The USA L1 Visa is a non immigrant visa, and valid for a short period of time, five years, and with extension the maximum stay is fixed to seven years. It is basically an intra company transport visa which allows groups, operating from the US and foreign country, to shift employees of certain specific classes (specialized knowledge stream, executives or managerial) from overseas destinations to the US.

The permits are available to the workers of a global organization with bureaus in both the US and out-of-the-country. The permit enables such workers from abroad to move to the corporation’s US bureau post having offered their professional services for the firm for not less than one nonstop year inside the preceding three before entry in the US.

It is mandatory that the US and the non-US recruiters are related in any of the four manners: parent & subsidiary; branch and headquarters; sister firms held by a mutual parent; or ‘affiliates’ held by the same or individuals in roughly the same proportions.

Initially, the USA L1 visa was valid for large Multi National Companies to transfer their employees to the country, but later small and startup groups were also included with the aim to expand their business venture and services to the country.

In order to become eligible, the employee must have one year working experience in the last three years–either with a branch office or parent or sister company outside the US.

USA L1 Visa–Basic Requirements

Aspirants’ company is responsible for filling the L1 USA Visa and it has to be approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Post approval, candidates are not allowed to work for any other company, except their sponsor company. Following are the basic requirements:

  • No individual can apply for a visa on your behalf. Your company must apply for a L1 Visa.
  • The visa can be issued to employees of certain class, for example, Manager or Executives.
  • US office must present a letter stating that the services of the candidate are required in US office.
  • The petition must clearly indicate that both the US office and the parent/sister office are legal and qualified organizations.
  • The candidate must have an experience of not less than one year during the last three years, and is ready to take on comparable responsibilities in the US.
  • Managers and Executives are allowed to reside in the country for seven years, and candidates with specialized knowledge are given the right to reside in the nation for five years.

A candidate can also obtain a L1 visa if he is transferred to establish an office in the US on behalf of his/her company.

Following conditions apply:

  • The company in question should have proofs of enough capital required to establish a office in the US.
  • To run the business, the company has to submit proofs that it has required infrastructure in the company.

Now let’s define the two categories in detail!

Managers/Executives: The formal definition of the two designations is strict, and at the time of submitting the petition, detailed description of the duties will be required. To be precise, they should be responsible to supervise the staff/department or should be responsible for subdivision of the employer. To begin with, eligible candidates are issued a visa for three years which can be extended for further two years. The maximum number cannot extend seven years.

Specialized Knowledge Staff: It includes candidates with complete knowledge of the firm’s services/goods, techniques, processes and administration. At first, eligible aspirants are given a L1B visa for a time-frame of three years that can be extended up to five years.

What makes L1 visa exclusive and special is that it is a ‘dual intent’ visa aspirants are not required to maintain a foreign dwelling which anyhow they have no intention of abandoning. The L1 visa holder may submit an application for a Green Card, or file for an adjustment of status or else present an application for an immigration visa.

Deciphering Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme

Quebec is the second most populated province of Canada and located in the South West part of the nation. Prospective immigrants–who yearn for a high standard of living, economic prosperity, social security, peaceful environment to raise a family and a comfortable place to enjoy a modern lifestyle– surprisingly in Quebec find a perfect place.

Quebec is not less than a haven for those who wish to settle in the Maple Leaf Country. In fact, due to its natural and scenic beauty, it is one of the most visited Canadian cities. Quebec is the first choice of not only tourists but of also skilled workers and business professionals. Its strong economy is promising and assures good returns to investors.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme

If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, then surely Quebec will be the right place, and you should consider Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme.

Brought into existence by the provincial administration in 1986, the scheme is tailored to enable business individuals & their families to gain admission in the province as permanent residents on an unrestricted ground. In return, funding made available through the scheme aids offer subsidies in support of small and medium businesses of the province.

UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa–Major Benefits & Requirements

The UK Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa class applies to the primary candidate and every direct family member, and this comprises other half and kids below 18 years. At first, the permit is given for a period of three years and four months. It can afterwards be extended for an additional two years.

Candidates in the first stream are qualified to submit an application for the UK citizenship in the wake of having lived for 6 years in the nation, even as those who generate 10 employment opportunities, or get an yearly turnover of 5 million British Pounds per annum, are entitled to present an application, post 5 years of dwelling in the country.

Despite the fact that most persons dream of making a trip to the nation, here’s your possibility to not just make a trip but to stay and do a job there. In case you happen to be a citizen of any non-European country, and possess 200,000 Pounds, then the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa is just for you. Britain is interested in giving a red carpet welcome to entrepreneurs who want to establish and manage a firm/business enterprise in their nation.

Singapore Entrepass—Advantages & Eligibility Conditions

As a business center it will be rather hard to beat Singapore for those overseas entrepreneurs, who are keen to find a commercially feasible location in South East Asia, to house their business enterprise and relocate overseas.

Singapore Entrepass–also called the Entrepreneur Pass–is a sort of blessing for such entrepreneurs from abroad, who want to make their firm bigger or debut the same, via coming up with a Singapore registered firm.

The EntrePass Plan was introduced in 2004 to draw overseas entrepreneurs with ground-breaking business proposals. The same is a component of the nation’s general plan to emerge as a regional business center, and draw the finest business & entrepreneurial talents to the nation.

A petition for EntrePass may be made prior to incorporating the Singapore firm, even while the aspirant does not have to invite costs for incorporation until the result of the EntrePass is learnt. Once approval is given, the candidate will usually get 30 days to integrate the proposed organization and add the required share capital.

Decoding Express Entry & NOC Canada 2015

Canada Express Entry 2015

This year will be brisk and at the same time optimistic for all those who are willing to make a move to Canada. Now, you may be wondering why, well, the reason for this trend is “Express Entry” system.

What is Express Entry System?

Express Entry also known as Expression of Interest (EoI) is a new system of immigration that the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada (CIC), the governing body that decides immigration, has launched this year. Under this system, skilled workers would be allowed to move to Canada with Permanent Residence (PR) Visa.

Now, what defines a skilled worker? In Canada, there is National Occupation List of 2015 and under the list a broad category of jobs are mentioned that would appear in the NOC of Canada in 2015. If any individual, who has applied for movement to the nation, finds their job mentioned in the list, they can move without any problem and use the Express Entry as a gateway to not just facilitate the movement but also get Permanent Residency.

Understand Canada Express Entry Process Step By Step

Canada Express Entry Process

Do you want to live in Canada? Are you looking forward to working in Canada? Has all this while your application has been rejected because of first-come-first-serve basis that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) used to follow? If your answers to all this questions are in affirmative, there has been something to cheer about for you this January 2015.

This year has marked the beginning of a new era in the immigration history of the Maple Leaf Country. With the introduction of Express Entry system of immigration, this year will be brisk and full of optimism for all those who are looking forward to movement to the overseas hotspot.

So, if you are looking forward to Canada and you want Express Entry to streamline it, you must first understand the process. In this piece, you will get to know about Express Entry and the process that must be followed for getting through to the nation.