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Utilize Latest News on Express Entry, Shift to Canada?

For those enthusiasts–who were upset that without a job they cannot move to Canada–a new and unparalleled immigration system has been introduced to make them realize that their dreams are not bound by job. Express Entry will provide ease of movement even without a job. So all you need is the flare and dedication that you must carry for bringing about a change, and the rest you can leave on the immigration authorities of the Maple Leaf Country.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)–the concerned governing body assigned to check immigration–will conduct the first line of draw, and this is the latest news on Express Entry that will let you keep your fingers crossed for facilitating your movement.

Given this, in case you have applied before December, then you stand a fair chance of getting your name picked in the first category of the draw for Express Entry skilled movement profile. If by now you had turned pessimistic with respect to immigration as it took decades for getting things processed, you must stick to Express Entry now, and believe it or not, but it would take just six months for getting your application processed and selected.

Move Overseas via Canada Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry Scheme!

If you have the “x” factor that lets you stand distinct in the competition, in that case, there is one country that is more than eager to absorb you. Often people have dreamt about moving to some other country where they can get that thing that was deprived in their native land. Some move on account of their fancies, while other move because of better pay, standard of living, social security, and active governance.

If one has to talk about Canada, then this country is technically obsessed with skilled professionals. Every year, it does everything possible to attract trained immigrants to move and make their career on its soils. This year, something unparalleled has taken place. Starting from January 1, 2015, a new immigration programme, named Express Entry, has flexed its muscles.

Under the new immigration programme, Express Entry for federal skilled workers in Canada, people will get ease of movement happening in the nick of time this year. Given this–if you have applied in January–then you can move by July to the Maple Leaf Country. Yes, you heard it right! Six months is all it takes to get everything processed and finally approved under the Express Entry immigration scheme.

What Is Latest Canada Express Entry News Update?

As it was expected, Canada’s Express Entry has started yielding positive outcomes. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) introduced the Express Entry system in the first week of January 2015. Regarding the newly introduced system Chris Alexander, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Minister opines that the programme will be the fastest, most flexible and a very reliable economic program that will fully address the demand of national economy and the local labor market.

The program has stood true to its declaration. Initially, an investment of $14 million is made for the period of 2015-16 later an investment of $4.7 million will be made annually.

What is the latest Canada’s Express Entry news update?

The latest news update regarding Canada’s Express Entry system is that the very first ‘Invitations to apply’ for Canadian Immigration has already been issued as expected on January 31, 2015, and the good news is that 779 prospective immigrants have obtained an ‘Invitation to apply’, and they have a maximum of 60 days to claim permanent residence (PR).

Seek & Get Support from Only Finest Canada Express Entry Consultants!

Canada—the Land of Milk and Honey– is working towards improving the scope of immigration, and with the introduction of Express Entry, this pursuit looks extremely feasible. As this ‘Country Located in the North of the US’ has been situated at the best location, with richness in natural resources, all-round vegetation and greenery, the scope for impressive growth and development is arguably much more than one can really imagine and ask for.

If you empirically analyze the growth trajectory of the US and Canada, then frankly speaking, the latter, namely, the Maple Leaf Country, visibly surpasses the former, i.e., the US in standard of living, per capita income, life expectancy, and satisfaction in living.

Canada Express Entry

With the help of this system, introduced on the lines of a similar programme run by Australia and New Zealand, the probabilities of overseas movement have grown tremendously. Under the system, there will be 25 draws conducted every year to facilitate the movement. The concerned Canadian visa and immigration authorities have been doing their best, and leaving no stones whatsoever unturned, to certify that maximum skilled professionals can make it up to the country’s shores.

Interested in Canada Immigration? What about Using Manitoba Express Entry Scheme?

Do you have the flare to make a difference to any country’s natural resources and agriculture? Well, by difference here it is meant a growth going in tandem with your skills and expertise. If you believe that you are the person who can make a difference, Manitoba welcomes you to Canada.

The major driving force for this province revolves around natural resources and agriculture. So, if you believe that you can make a difference, then you are more than welcome here. This year, for the tapping vast natural resources that are lying and creating no assets for the province, the concerned immigration authorities have taken an extraordinary step, and they would allow as many as 500 entries through the Express Entry Manitoba immigration programme.

So, it is the best chance for those that have dreamt of not just a sojourn in Canada but an abode. If you possess the yearning, and you want to figure-out quickly regarding the movement, then take this. There are few programmes that facilitate the movement to this part of the Maple Leaf Country. Among all other programmes available, the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Programme is one such that you must pitch for.

Decode Canada Express Entry List, Move Abroad!

Starting this January, an extraordinary programme has been flagged by the Canadian immigration authorities named Express Entry. Under this new immigration programme, skilled and experienced professionals will be able to move to the nation this year. This programme is based on expertise and credentials, so rather than first-come-first-serve basis; it facilitates movement based on skills. As this programme is completely electronic based, aspirants from different corners of the world can apply online, and get their application processed in real-time.

This takes us to the title! Canada Express Entry list includes three broad categories that can help skilled workers move to this country.

  1. Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP)
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

When you are applying for these programmes, you are supposed to appear for test, and once you qualify it, you will be asked to appear for a further round of formalities. In case those individuals who have received their education outside the nation, it is vital that they ensure that their degree is equivalent to what the Canadian authorities seek.