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Yes Express Entry Exciting for Skilled Workers Around World!

If one has to ask someone to categorize some countries where growth and development is at its highest point, two countries would resonate in the mind in its clearest form–Canada and the US. If you talk about the latter, movement is pretty tough there since the country follows the strongest immigration laws. However, if one has to look for a less rigid immigration then the latter is the best to resort.

This country has all the features that the US has. In fact, on some parameters, it even surpasses the US. So, if you possess penchant for Canada, this year you can make things work in the best way with the movement to this country using the Express Entry programme. Now, you may ask what Express Entry is. Express Entry is exciting for skilled workers around the world and it provides leverage only to skilled workers to move to Canada for work.

In the Maple Leaf Country, there are some sectors that are reeling under labor shortage, especially, in those provinces where cold prevails. So, the country has launched a new programme that considers experience and expertise to streamline the movement. Under the Express Entry system, you need to show the express of interest to streamline the movement. It is pretty easier to file for nomination.

Eager to Reside, Do Job in Canada?

Are you an overseas student in Canada pursuing post-secondary studies and keen to stay in the nation only to do a job there in, post the conclusion of your studies? In case the answer is in the affirmative, there is no reason why you should not be happy to learn that you can do the same.

What you require to work in the Maple Leaf Country?

You require a work visa for the object of living in the nation, for receiving the valuable Canada job experience. It is crucial that you are qualified to be given work visa. For the same, it is necessary that you file a petition under the Post Graduate Work Permit Programme (PGWPP). You can submit an application for getting hold of permanent residency (Pr) post having done a job in the nation for many years. It can be carried-out through the Express Entry Programme.

Is there a requirement of LMIA?

The answer is No. There is no requirement whatsoever of any Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), for filing a petition for a postgraduate work visa. It is given on the ground of the period of your programme even as three years is the maximum period of work visa in the nation.

Know about Canada Skilled Immigration Selection Process

Do you have a penchant for Canada? Are the multiculturalism, highly favorable atmosphere, job opportunities, and better standard of living in the nation driving you crazy? Well, if it is, then you can easily move to this country this year under the Express Entry Scheme.

The concerned Canadian visa and immigration authorities have decided to introduce a new immigration program to streamline the selection of candidates who can move to Canada. The country is fraught with opportunities, at the same time, there are some provinces where the resources are lying untapped and the potential of those resources to drive the economy is immense.

Hence, the authorities have decided to open new realms and provide more leverage to those individuals who possess the fire and skill to bring about a difference. You can easily move to Canada this year under skilled immigration selection process.

Learn How to Settle Business in US through L1 Visa!

A great number of people want to start a business venture in the US courtesy its thriving economy. Though the L1 visa is quite popular and it gives an excellent opportunity to the business professionals from worldwide, to come and try their luck in the United States, many people seem to be in a dilemma on how to settle a Business in US through L1 Visa.

Let’s go through the larger aspect on how to establish a business in US through L1 visa, and answer the general set of questions.

Are foreign nationals eligible to start a business venture in the US without acquiring its Permanent Residence (PR)?

Yes! It is very much possible to start a business venture in the nation without becoming its resident. In fact, a large number of non-residents foreign business professionals are successfully running their ventures with a L1 visa status.

South Australia Updates State Sponsorship List 2015

South Australia is a mixture of both beauty and opportunity. On the one hand it is known for its vibrant culture, beaches and wines; on the other hand, it gives excellent opportunities to the prospective immigrants to join its local work force. Annually, 100s of 1000s of migrants, from every corner of the world, come to the nation even while a major chunk of them wishes to settle in South Australia (SA) alone.

The state sponsorship list makes easy for you to obtain skilled visa from the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection (DIBP). The SA government sponsors skilled worker with required experience and skills who want to live and work in SA for a longer period of time. If you meet the required criteria, your visa application is fast processed.

The latest news for the prospective immigrates is that South Australia has updated its State Sponsorship list for 2015. The recently announced state sponsor list is broadly divided in two parts–the first is the State Occupation List, and the second is Supplementary Skilled List.

Corporate Service Managers Listed in SA with IELTS Score of 7.0 Bands

The Australian state of South Australia (SA) is located in the southern central region of Down Under, and it covers the continent’s most arid areas. The profession of Corporate Service Managers is one of the eighteen professions that have been recently added in the South Australia (SA) State Nominated Occupation List, under the ANZSCO 132111 code. The Good news for skilled Corporate Service Managers is that if they successfully meet the criteria of any of the two broadly classified occupation lists, under the State Nominated Occupation List, then they may easily live and work in SA.

Job Profile- Corporate Service Managers

As a Corporate Service Managers, you are expected to organize, coordinate, supervise, plan and monitor the administrative responsibilities of an organization. Such professionals are also known by alternative titles, such as Administration Managers and Business Services Managers.