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Qualified Chemical Engineers Currently in Demand in Australia

All skilled Chemical Engineers, who are motivated to immigrate overseas, please pay attention! At the present, you are wanted in ‘Down Under’, Australia. As per some latest reports, now-a-days, the demand of Chemical Engineers is rather high in Australia. The line-of-work is mentioned under the ANZSCO 233111.

Against this backdrop, those who are trained, and whose work profile matches the profile given under the code, are advised to mull over immigration to Australia. They can look forward to getting handsome pay-packages and Permanent Residence (PR) status in the ‘Land of Milk & Honey’.

Australia–a Brief Profile  

Despite the fact that the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia, does not require any introduction, it’s prudent to dwell on the same. Officially the widely visited immigration hotspot is known as the ‘Commonwealth of Australia’, and it consists of six states and many territories.

Are You Interested in US Citizenship?

The United States of America offers numerous opportunities to its citizens. Acquiring the citizenship of one of the super powers of the world, i.e., the US, is both exciting and fruitful, though the journey is complex and lengthy, and one may have to wait for years before he successfully gets US citizenship.

It is gained by birth and also through naturalization. If you are not a US citizen by birth but wish to acquire the same, you need to have successfully pocketed the US Green Card (Permanent Residence), for a minimum of five years. Only after the same, you can submit an application for Citizenship of the US.

US Citizenship—Top Rights

  1. You can vote in state, federal and state elections.
  2. You can bring your family member to the nation permanently and also sponsor relatives.

Mechanical Engineers Currently in Demand in Australia

The Commonwealth of Australia is possibly the most unique and diverse country on earth–be its population, culture, geography or history. In this multi-cultured ethnic nation, you will find people from almost every corner of the world. These immigrates have brought along with them their unique culture and food.

Oz is a famous continental island and the sixth largest in the world. Most of its population lives around the coastlines. The country is not only famous for its high standards of living but also for its clear beaches and Kangaroos. The lesser known fact about the country is that it has more sheep than Kangaroos.

Australia Immigration for Mechanical Engineers

Skilled migrants are preferred by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and given a red-carpet welcome to move to the nation, for work and residence objects. In Australia, some specific professionals like Mechanical Engineers find a safe haven. Incidentally, at the present, these professionals are in demand in Australia.

Who is Entitled for Exile Relief in the US?

Many unregistered aliens in the US wish to know are they qualified to get exile relief. Reportedly, such people are attending the many information sessions being organized at different community groups and also in the churches. Counsel is being taken from even attorneys to learn about the gains or the eligibility for the Executive Action of the US President.

In the meantime, some legal specialists and lawyers are counseling such visitors to cool their heels until the nation’s government makes available any final laws or regulations. Undocumented migrants are also being duly warned to desist from being influenced by those posing as legal consultants or legal specialists, eager to exploit their state-of-affairs in such matters. The lawyers advise that one need not hurry to fill-out at the present. Allegedly, there is no requirement whatsoever of giving any fees to a legal representative, for the object filling-out the forms currently.

Obama’s Executive Order provides banishment relief for three years to the parents of US lawful residents & citizens having stayed in the country for not less than 5 years. Apart from this, it is essential that the records of such visitors are 100% clean.

Living in the US—an Enriching & Rewarding Experience

US–also known as the ‘United States of America’ or simply ‘the States’– is an ethnically diverse country and has a rich history of immigration. Way back from early 17th century, the US has been counted amongst the best developed countries in the world–courtesy its strong economy which is generally considered to be post industrial.

The nation is currently the world’s lone Super Power and also the most influential political and cultural force globally. It is the first country in the world to have acquired Nuclear weapons and is the permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, a major leader in scientific research and technological innovations. No wonder, it is a dream destination for millions of migrants.

Its tourist attractions are another major attraction. From the skyscrapers of New York and Chicago, to the natural wonders of Alaska and Yellowstone leading you to the sunny blue beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii, the US has all one may look forward to.

Benefits Galore for Immigrants in the US

Immigration is the process whereby people re-locate overseas. They are not the native citizens but may be the future citizens of the nation once they have acquired permanent citizenship of that country. Immigrants throughout the world are inspired to relocate because of many reasons with economic prosperity being one of them.

US Immigration

The United States of America is a red hot immigration destination worldwide. There may be 1000 of reasons behind the discerning migrants’ fascination for the immigration hotspot. The country is highly developed even while it arguably boasts of the globe’s largest economy.

As per some industry observers, the nation is still the world’s largest manufacturer. The country offers high standard of living. It strongly believes in equality, and takes all possible measures to curb discrimination of all types. It has excellent public transport system even as its healthcare and education sectors have no parallels. And how can one forget the mesmerizing and breath-taking tourist destinations of Washington DC, Nigeria Falls, Walt Disney World Resort, Salt Lake Temple, etc.?