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Points Based Test for Hong Kong Skilled Immigration

In order to migrate to Hong Kong as skilled migrants, all applicants must apply for the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Talent Scheme. As a part of the assessment, all candidates must undergo a Points Based Test. There are two types of this test. These are:

  • General Points Based Test
  • Achievement Based Points Test

All applicants are free to choose the desired test, provided they clear all the pre – requisites. Under the General Test, all the pre – requisites are awarded certain points based on the level of the eligibility satisfaction. Also, they must score a minimum of 80 points to qualify for the next level. The various factors considered are:

  • Age – A maximum of 30 points are awarded under this category. Based upon the age of the applicant, desirable points are awarded. An applicant should be in the age group of 18 to 50 years. He can earn the maximum points if he is in the age group of 30 to 34 years. However, he can earn as less as 5 points if he is between 45 and 50 years.
  • Educational Qualifications – A maximum of 45 points could be earned under this category. This could be earned if a candidate has 2 or more Doctoral Degrees. However, if the candidate has one Doctoral Degree and two or more Master’s Degree, he can score up to 40 points.

On the other hand, if the candidate has two or more Bachelor’s Degrees and one Master’s Degree, he can score around 30 points.
Also, the candidate can earn up to 20 points if he has only a Bachelor’s Degree along with other professional qualification which is from a recognized university.

  • Work Experience – A maximum of 50 points are granted under this factor. This could be availed if the candidate has at least 10 years of work experience after graduation. Out of these, 5 years should have been spent at a senior position. However, he would score as less as 30 points if he has almost 5 years of work experience after graduation in a specific field of work.
  • Language Proficiency – If the applicant is proficient in both oral and written Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) and English, he can earn as high as 20 points.
  • Family Background – An applicant can earn as high as 20 points based on the following criteria:
  1. If one of the immediate family member is a permanent resident in Hong Kong.
  2. If the spouse or other dependents are equally qualified, he can claim an additional 5 points.
  3. Each dependent (unmarried) under the age of 18 would score an additional 5 points per head.

    Thus, the maximum points that an applicant could score is 165 points. The current pass mark is 80 points. However, the minimum pass mark is subject to change without prior notice. Thus, it is suggested that an applicant should with check the applicable pass-mark before actually applying for the visa under the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Talent Scheme.

    On the other hand, the Achievement Based Points Test is meant for those candidates who are highly skilled and qualified in a specific field of work proven with outstanding laurels. The eligibility criteria for this are highly stringent with a lot of scrutiny maintained.

    The assessment is completely dependent on the achievements of the applicant. Thus, the candidates would score only under one scoring factor aiming for 165 points directly. Thus, they would either score the maximum points or no points at all. All those applicants who score no points under this test are rejected instantly.

    There are only two instances under which a candidate can score points under this test:

    • The applicant has been honored with an award for exceptional achievement.
    • If the applicant can prove that his work has been acknowledged by his colleagues and had led to the growth and development of his field of work.

    To know more about which test to take, contact an Immigration Specialist today. He would be acquainted with all the terms and conditions for the same. So contact one today!

    Check out our next post for the Application Process!

    56 Responses to Points Based Test for Hong Kong Skilled Immigration

    1. waqar ahmed says:

      sir i have done my b.com three years back and i want a job in hong kong.i have an three years experiance of an accountant.cam i get job??plz reply me

    2. sanam says:

      Dear Waqar,

      Please note that “We are an Immigration Consultant and do not offer services for job placements/work permits.”

    3. Kashif Ali Afandi says:

      Dear Sir, My age is 33 years.
      I have done Bachelor’s of Commerce (2 years).
      1 year Audit Training form C.A firm.
      7 years experience in accounting in the same field and the last 3 years from Saudi Arabia.
      Can I apply for the immigration of Hong Kong???
      Plz reply…

    4. sanam says:

      Dear Kashif,

      Kindly advise from which university you’ve completed your Bachelor’s Degree..?
      Also, send us your detailed resume at sanam@abhinav.com and we shall guide you further.

    5. MUHAMMAD ALI says:

      i want to immigrant in hong kong. i have done masters and i have 5 years experience .and my age is 21 years.

    6. sanam says:

      Dear Ali,

      Kindly provide us your detailed resume at contact@abhinav.com and we shall advise you further.

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