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Work as a Welder (First Class) in Australia

If you are foreign trained welder intending to live and work in Australia, you must first get your skills assessed by the Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). Based on the assessment by the TRA, you can apply for immigration and visa.

Basic Requirements

The eligibility criteria include the following:

  • Basic formal education achieved through classroom study, training and work experience, which is commonly known as the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Certificate III or above.
  • You must score a minimum of 60 points on the Point Based System.
  • You must prove to the TRA that you have all the required skills proved through your qualifications and work experience.
  • You should be able to prove that you have the expertise to carry out the job in a safe and secured manner.

Incase you are applying as a supervisor; you must first qualify all the basic needs. Apart from this, you must also have 3 years of experience in prior as a supervisor. Post landing, you must apply for an Australian Recognized Trade Certificate (ARTC) which proves the national recognition of your skills. To obtain this, you must meet the necessary English language skills. The ARTC would grant you a title of the occupation which suits the best to your skills and experience. Sometimes, this might be different from that you migrated under.

However, the ARTC is the authority responsible to permit an immigrant to work as a tradesperson. A license or a registration with the concerned territorial authority is a must for this purpose.

Job Profile

A welder basically repairs and fabricates various products made of metal using the process of welding. The titles include Special Class Welder and so on. Some of the tasks include the following:

  • Should be able to interpret the maps and drawings for the complexities to devise the appropriate procedure for welding.
  • Preparation of the work area for the welding process. This includes cleaning of metal surfaces to be welded via thermal or flame cutting, grinding and so on.
  • Preheating materials to the temperatures needed.
  • Fixing various attachments such as wires to power grids in equipment and so on.

However, the job description of a first class welder is not limited to the above. Based on the position that the welder is holding, the tasks might vary a bit. For this reason, an Immigration and Visa specialist to the best person to be contacted who would be updated with all the latest in this industry in Australia. He would be the sole person to give you the right advice.

2 Responses to Work as a Welder (First Class) in Australia

  1. Joel Bootsma says:

    Hello my names Joel, I’m planning on migrating down to Australia from Canada, and I have on question I need answered. I’m a journeyman welder and a 2nd year apprentice structural steel fitter. My question is if my qualifications would be recognized in Australia? If you could get back to me with the answer that would be fantastic.

  2. owoyemi ibrahim says:

    good day, i am ibrahim, from nigeria am a welder i need your establishment to sponsor me to work in austraila and to pay my Air fare to austraila . thanks

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