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Work as an External Auditor in Australia

The occupation of External Auditor is listed in the MODL of Australia. The job responsibilities include the following:

  • Providing independent opinions and suggestions on the financial aspects of the firm.
  • Designing and operating information relevant to the financial requirements of a company.
  • Fulfilling the financial obligations.
  • Ensure that the accounting records are accurate, with all the assets and liabilities mentioned in books.
  • Have the responsibility of preparing financial statements and making reports for the organization.
  • Having a thorough study of the reports and determining the effectiveness of the firm.
  • The responsibilities may also include managing the financial records of the company and the government departments.


  • A Bachelor Degree or Higher Qualification
  • 1 year experience in the concerned field
  • A minimum IELTS Band of 6.0 each.
  • Registration or licensing is essential

Skill Assessment

It is mandatory that you have your skills assessed by a relevant assessing authority before filing your application form. A positive response from the same would prove to be an added advantage in you case. In general, there are three assessing authorities for assessing the skills of an External Auditor in Australia. They are:

  • CPA Australia Ltd
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia (ICAA)
  • National Institute of Accountants (NIA)

After getting a positive skill assessment, you are required to apply for your Visa. A wiser option would be take guidance from an expert Immigration and Visa specialist and commence further!

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