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Work Permit for Hospitality Management in the US!

Are you planning to migrate to the United States? And you are a professional in Hospitality Management? To ensure that your application is accepted, it is important that you apply for a work permit under the right category. You can apply under the following categories (subject to your eligibility) –

  • H1-B Visa – This form of visa is rarely granted to a professional in the Hospitality Management. However, it could be approved for jobs at the managerial level, stewards and other relevant positions. This has to be proved along with mandatory documentation which shows the demand for a skilled worker.
  • TN Visa – This is granted if the job and the position are at a managerial level. You should be well qualified in the similar field such as a ‘baccalaureate or licenciatura degree in hotel/restaurant management, a post secondary diploma/certificate or at least 3 years of relevant work experience.
  • L-1 Visa – This visa is granted to those professionals where in they are sent by their employers. These employers include multinational hotels and hotel management organizations and hotel chains. Your capability has to be proved by demonstrating his leadership skills in practice. Such professionals are offered an L-1A visa.
  • E – 2 Visa – This visa is offered if your organization falls under the E – 2 enterprise categories. Only those managers who are specialized in their field are catered for this visa. In order words, an experienced personnel who is adept in handling the matters of an organization is issued such a visa.

Other forms of visa include the O – 1 visa and the J-1 visa. To know more regarding your eligibility criteria, contact an Immigration and Visa Veteran who deals with US work permit. He would be able to guide aptly though the entire process. Some of them ever offer post visa services which would lead to your hassle free settlement. So, get in touch with a specialist today!

16 Responses to Work Permit for Hospitality Management in the US!

  1. Devinderjeet Singh Grewal says:

    i ma fresher in food prodution line and i am interested in cookery

  2. ajay sharma says:

    Best you gain some useful local experience before looking at overseas opportunities or go for overseas studies.

  3. ajay sharma says:

    Thank you for your kind comments and our very best wishes to you

  4. ketan hirpara` says:

    i have done my hospitality corese and i have get 3 month IT trening in lord plaza hotel in surat(india) i have 9 month expirynce in food and beverge service diprtment
    i need work parmit in us
    so plz help me

    your fathfull

  5. kabir says:

    Dear Abhinav,

    This is the first blog / info related to hospitality sector & H1B visa. You are doing an excellent job by giving info on visa’s.

    I had one query related to this blog.

    I am planning to do a 6 month certificate course in US & Then MS / MBA in hospitality management. I have 3 years experience as Head of Travel Desk in DUBAI.

    What are you thoughts , post studies scenario. Does no hotel / travel company / airline provide H1B visa? Can you guide me keeping in mind my qualifications.

    Please advise, I would be highly grateful

    Many Thanks & Regards

    Kabir Joshi

  6. ajay sharma says:

    Dear Kabir; as you will be reading in the newspapers H-1/B will become restrictive and expensive in future. So best not plan your US education and related expense against future H-1/B likelihood. People have – in the last worked on work permits – in hospitality and travel industry

  7. DR. Anil says:

    I am an Ayurvedic Doctor who have 10 years experience in Hotel industry – Spa and General Hotel operations. Seven years I were in Middle East working with a Five star Hotel.Now am planning to do an MBA in Hospitality in the UK at Queen Margaret University. At the same I got lot of business schools with AMBA accreditations, but I am going to prefer Queen Margaret. What do you think accreditations are mandatory for US visa processing. What type of UK MBAs are valid in US. Pleas answer me. Thank you for your time

  8. Satya says:

    Hi sir,
    i did my diploma in hotel management ,,and i have 5.9 years of experience in hotel industry.I would like to work in usa,,how can i get job and h1 visa ..and whom to connect for job.

  9. Babu Rohan says:

    Dear Abhinav,
    Thank you very much for your rare information regarding Hospitality industry and H1-b visa.
    I have 3.5 years of work experience with Carnival Cruise lines(worked as a crew with c1/d visa), and planned to pursue my MBA in US after i left that job. Due to present economic situation, i have altered my study plan. at present time I’m studying 2 year Business diploma in Canada, which is after my 3year degree of Hotel Mgt in India. I’m still planning to pursue my MBA in Tourism&Hospitality after my graduation and gained some more valuable experience in Canada. I’m sure about getting F1 and my education, but thinking of H1B and so on is making me pathetic since i saw your earlier comments above. so, what will be the H1B likelihood for this industry in near future? why does it seems like that for this industry in US? is it ever impossible to get one by filling all qualifications? Please, could you offer some short suggestion in your experience…
    Thank a lot

  10. sanam says:

    H1B is highly unlikely because of the recent tougher stand of US economy, by the end of the day boils down to the die hard interest of an US employer.
    The expense of H1 also has become a major factor for clients to think about HI.

  11. Krishnaratanam says:

    Hi Sir, I studied diploma in Tourism and Hospitality management in Singapore and work six month training. i worked Hilton Northampton for one year. I would like to work in USA. How can I get work and how to apply for visa.
    Thank you very for your help.

  12. sanam says:

    Dear Krishna,

    How many years of experience you have in total..?
    Kindly send us your detailed resume for assessment at sanam@abhinav.com and we shall advise you accordingly.

  13. Martha says:


    I currently hold an associate degree in hospitality and im am working towards a bachelors in hospitality and tourism. I have about 5 years experience in this industry and i would like to relocate to the usa. What are my best options to pursue this?

  14. sanam says:

    Dear Martha,

    Kindly send us your detailed resume at sanam@abhinav.com and we shall advise you accordingly.

  15. Mahesh says:

    hi there,
    I am holding 5.9years of experience in both the hotels and restaurant fields and diploma in hotel management certificate,now i would like to move to USA on work base in the same industry and i really don’t knew about the process,could you guys please help out.

  16. sanam says:


    Please note that “We are an Immigration Consultants and do not assist in student visas, work permits, overseas or domestic jobs for any country.”
    As on date there is no Immigration program(for skilled category)for USA.

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