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Canada or Australia, Which One to Choose from?

Immigration is one of the most important decisions in an applicant’s life. One has to counterbalance his options and decide the most appropriate prospective country to immigrate. This article gives you a glimpse on various facets arrayed with countries like Canada and Australia and lets you choose the best amongst them.


The fact is both Australia and Canada are two of the most preferred countries to opt for, when it comes to Immigration! Know that your decision to choose any one of them depends upon your priority level. Read on…

Let us start off with Canada. The country is accoutered with a gamut of best future alternatives for people of various skills from all over the world. In addition, applicants can enjoy the advantage having US the next door! Migrating to Canada will give you the choice to dig into the better options offered by the country or explore opportunities, under NAFTA, in US after becoming Canadian citizen. With this being said, the US employers give ample weight age to a Canadian citizen when compared to someone at far-located places like India.

Not to forget the ace and magnificent facilities provided by the Canadian government in the form of education, Medicare, pension benefits, post-retirement aids, to name a few. Additionally, as Canada is closer to US, the applicants don’t have to spend much on the travel costs while traveling to the US or the nearby places.

Now let us talk something about the Canadian Cost of Living. Here, the cost of electronic and consumer goods are comparatively cheaper. Barring places like Vancouver and Toronto, other cities are attired with a moderate Cost of Living. All in all, a wonderful place to migrate to!

As far as Australia as a potential Immigration country is concerned, its USP is that the country recognizes the prospective qualified immigrants’ current educational credentials in a quick manner. Post immigration, which makes it easier for the applicants to apply for any job easily as compared to Canada where the credentials are much more complicated and take time.

Oz climate is far more warm and friendly as compared to the Canadian weather! Its coziness attracts people from all over the world, especially the ones from the chilly places. Having an Australian passport makes you eligible to apply for a New Zealand PR status.

Both countries have their own cherries to add on the cake! The brilliant future options offered by both the countries serve as adding more feathers in their caps every single time! Just hire an Immigration expert and go for a hassle free future!

To know more about which country to chose from Canada and Australia, watch this video of Mr. Ajay Sharma, the principal Immigration Consultant of Abhinav:

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  1. shefali says:

    nice comparison,, yet both are prospective countries

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