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Netherlands Immigration Laws!

Netherlands is arrayed with a gamut of future prospects as far as Immigration is concerned. The blog throws light on a basic understanding on the Dutch Immigration rules:

  • If the applicant is not a Swiss national, or a national of European country, Euro Zone, then it is essential that the applicant must get a long-term residence permit to reside in the country for a minimum of three months. The best way to obtain one is through a Dutch spouse or to get a long-term skilled job. Consult an Immigration specialist to know more about your chances of settling down in Netherlands. Depending upon the conditions of your visa, you would have the freedom to work, travel and stay in Netherlands, for the duration of your permit. After that you can apply for the citizenship.
  • It is mandatory that the applicant should be 18 years and above, prove proficiency in the Dutch language, have a clear record, and have resided in Netherlands for the past five years, including other requirements.
  • A Dutch citizenship would allow the applicant to get both Dutch and EU passports and vote in the elections.

Applicants must also know that the Immigration rules linked with Netherlands are stringent as compared to any other prospective country. Immigrants who have made their minds to move to Netherlands are advised to take assistance from an experience Immigration veteran for a hassle-free future.

9 Responses to Netherlands Immigration Laws!

  1. baldev johal says:

    i would like to know if u could provide me some info on maigrating into holland..

  2. ajay sharmaa says:

    Please send your detailed resume

  3. mohammad says:

    i would like to know if u could provide me some info on maigrating into holland..

  4. razel says:

    i would like to know how to obtain a work permit in holland

  5. Somnath Mandal says:

    I am interested in obtaining work permit in Holland. Please furnish the necessary information.

  6. sanam says:

    Dear Razel,
    We cannot help you in work permits as we are only into Permanent Residency.

  7. Andy says:

    I am interested and moving to Holland, although I can’t find any information for an EU citizen moving to Holland. I am British and have an EU passport but I would like to know, other than carrying my passport for identification, what else I would need to do when I arrive there.

  8. Dinesh says:

    Hi, i have permanent residency in sweden, i want to settle in holland how do i apply please let me know.

  9. Kashar says:

    Hi Im currently living and working in United Arab Emirates, I would like to know what are the procedures to migrate to Holland

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