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Canada Federal Skilled Worker – Points Based System

All applications under the Federal Skilled Worker category for Canada are assessed against the Point Based System. Under this system, the applicant must score a minimum pass mark out of 100 to be eligible for the next step. There are six factors based on which an applicant is selected. These are:

  • Academic Qualifications – A maximum of 25 points are allotted to an applicant. The applicant is assessed for his qualifications which he has claimed to have on the application form. More so, it should match the current skill requirement for a full time employment. Here, degrees or diplomas from recognized universities would only be counted. However, if the candidate has acquired the qualification via a distance education program, he has to prove his skills for a full time job equivalent. Along with this, the total academic years also count.
  • Language Skills – English and French are two primary languages spoken in Canada. So, an applicant has to demonstrate his skills in listening, speaking, reading as well as writing in either of the two languages. A maximum of 24 points are awarded under this categories. To prove the same for English, he has to undergo an IELTS exam and present the report for the same.
  • Work Experience – The applicant should have a minimum of a year of work experience in the last ten years prior to submitting his application. He should have worked in a profession that is present in the list of occupations brought out by the Canadian government. A total of 21 points are awarded to the candidate under this criterion. Also, the job duties of the applicant should match with the NOC definitions.
  • Age – The age of the applicant as on the date of filing the application would be considered. A maximum of ten points are allotted for this criterion. Those below the age of 22 years are considered to be dependents. Those who are above 22 years of age would be considered as dependents if they are students on a full time basis. Proof of age such as those of birth certificates, passport and other academic certificates should be supported with the application.
  • Employment Offer in Canada – If the applicant has an employment from a Canadian employer, he can claim additional points for the same. An applicant can score a maximum of 10 points in this category. This would be applicable if:
    • An employer from Canada has agreed to employ the applicant. This is for an unspecified period where in the applicant is considered as a Federal Skilled Worker.
    • The applicant has been granted an Arranged Employment Opinion in his favor from the HRSDC that is catered by the employer.
    • The applicant clears all the criteria for Canadian licensing and other regulatory standards that are related to his job profile.
  • Adaptability Factor includes the level of education of the applicant’s spouse, prior education and work in Canada, arranged employment and relatives in the country. An applicant can score a maximum of 10 points under this category.

In all the above, there are certain terms and conditions that apply at all circumstances. More so, they are subject to change with prior information. So, it is best to consult an Immigration and Visa Expert who deals with Canadian Immigration. He would be able to guide appropriately on the same.

2 Responses to Canada Federal Skilled Worker – Points Based System

  1. Delia Evora says:

    I had applied 2007,but unfortunately it was prosses due to certain rulling canada has implentf.Am a dentist by profession and dental hygeinist as well but am now turning 50yrs old,wil there still be a chance for me to be qualify.Your reply to me is very important.thank you and best regards.

  2. sanam says:

    Dear Delia,

    In coming years age certainly will be a constraint in your case.
    Moreover, as on date Dentists/Dental Hygienist are not listed under the positive list of occupations for Canada.

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