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DLF IPL – A lesson in Marketing and Branding!

Today is 12th March’2010! – “THE ULTIMATE DAY” – At least for all those cricket fanatics who wait for this day throughout the year! It’s the start of the IPL season guys!


TV, Internet, Newspapers… Every medium is flooding with DLF IPL, a private event; that above all, explains the success of Indian Premier League. For a private event, entire media is fighting to give free of cost coverage! Strange, but Interesting! So what marketing and branding strategy has worked in favour of IPL?

One, “Packaging of the Event” from day 1 as entertainment is the biggest strategic hit. Cricket just happens to be there!

Two, to keep it focussed in 20 overs and inviting International players, not only enhanced the entertainment value but also factored in the fastest growing segment of high income youth. This segment is short of time and wants everything to be packaged small.

Three, It structured teams around states thereby ensuring team and brand loyalties and assured eyeballs when it comes to media.

Five, by following a well tried international model of clubs and player auctions, it got players interests and their willingness to give the tournament their 110%. Knowing that players are going to play attacking entertaining cricket attracts paid audience to the stadium and draws them towards other forms of media like TV, internet and print press.

Six, the public and press relations during the first two versions meant media hype was maintained and that has lead to immense unpaid publicity. Interestingly in IPL3, the organisers have offered strict terms for freebies for non-official media. The initial purpose having been achieved, the official TV channel is getting its due. That again hints to a well planned strategy.

Seven, getting International Cricket Council to keep a window for IPL season was the biggest strategic coup. Now cricket boards all over the world want to have similar event but may not be able to get well known players for their events!

Eight, do not forget that (Board of Cricket Control in India) ensured that the event got all international recognition and gave it the required financial backup to conceive and execute the event.

Nine, attracting the movie stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty along with highly placed industrialist as team owners, ensured ample media and public interest which further contributed to the success of the event.

Ten and finally, organisers packaging of all above and ensuring the event was always in controversies and news, meant branding exercise of the kind that has not been seen in sports. At the end of the end, we have a happy lot of bunches – public, sponsors, media and most importantly IPL bankers!

Good job done IPL, Lalit Modi and team- keep the IPL and Indian flag flying! IPL is one of the ways of telling the world that India has arrived.

9 Responses to DLF IPL – A lesson in Marketing and Branding!

  1. aakanksha says:

    well written,. with so much hype and marketing strategies surrounding the IPL, its success was on the cards, for sure

  2. sheikh says:

    this is the difference between a govt body and a private body…. bcci and lalit modi have planned and ensured each and every aspect of the game…
    whereas the CWG federation is yet to finish work at most places…

  3. ajay sharma says:

    For all the controversies that lalit Modi is always involved in, due credit is due to him for making this event a huge success. This means a combination of political, national and international diplomacy of highest order and Lalit modi excelled in managing all contradictions

  4. pratibha says:

    Any form of cricket would always draw eyeballs…IPL is no exception.

  5. Alok Vats says:

    Well, in my honest opinion, there are two hot items in India, which sell like a hot cake, and those are Cricket and Bollywood. People are crazy about cricketers and cinestars. Modi brought them together on a single platform, and it caused the hype. IPL is all about glamor, fun, and time pass.

  6. Deepshikha says:

    We are an eat-drink-sleep-cricket-nation, any form of cricket has to be a hit!!!
    so let’s gear up for another great entertainment season of IPL

  7. aakanksha says:

    for all those who have forgotten, let me remind them that a majority of the above mentioned strategies were implemented for ICL too. but it didn’t managed to get the same success……the only difference was the involvement of bollywood celebrities which made the concept of IPL crisper,, hence,, mr. alok u r rite

  8. Alok Vats says:

    Yup, the only problem with ICL was that it was not supported by the Board of Cricket Control of India. BCCI tried it’s best to decrease the popularity of ICL. ICL was not a failure in my view, it wont allowed to become successful. Bollywood was the major difference, but without Bollywood too every match of the ICL brought many visitors in the stadium too.

  9. Rohit says:

    Everything that is short in duration & entertaining is a hit now.IPL has the product & the finance to brand it to success.This event is here to stay for next 10years.

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