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Office Toilet Manners- When Will We Learn?

We spend most of our living hours at office and still do not follow basic toilets habits and manners. In simple words, it is shameful and more importantly ill-concern for personal hygiene for fellow office colleagues. And the fact that office toilets are in use throughout the day, makes it critical that everyone using it must follow some basic hygiene habits and bathroom etiquettes:


  • Cleaning the bathroom after use: Why should other person use the washroom that has been dirtied by another person in the first place! Men specially have a problem in terms of “lack of accuracy” and if their “aim” was not correct, then least they can do it to clean up with water and dry it with tissue paper after the use. For those who feel this is a “dirty” job, it will be nice to remember that colleagues following them in using the toilet will be using the same “dirty” toilet and even catch infection! Those who do not wish to do this “dirty” clean-up job should be careful that they always “aim” correctly! In very direct language, please do not sprinkle on the seat, clean it if you do and always remember to lift the lid before leaving the toilet.
  • Flushing after use: NEVER forget to flush the toilet after the use; it is not other person’s job to do this for you.
  • Toilet paper and soap: These two are the most used items in any office washroom. What you do after using them also determines how clean the office toilet is! One should only use as much toilet roll as one needs and ensure that the used paper is properly disposed into dustbin. There is nothing more disgusting then used toilet paper roll lying around in the office toilet. Talking of soap, ensure to let the tap run for 2-5 seconds extra so that wash basin is cleaned of soap. Ensure to clean the wash basin after you have used it.
  • Office bathroom – make-up and hair-styling: There is no doubt that this is one of the places in the office that offers privacy for make-up – Hair and face. But do ensure to clean all the hair and remains of make-up lying around the bathroom before you leave it
  • Office toilet maintenance – If you find that basic toilet necessities like paper roll and soap are finished or lights are not working or toilet is dirty, it becomes your duty to inform the maintenance or office boys. They will ensure supplies are immediately provided. Supplies also include a good sized dustbin and bathroom freshener like “odonil”
  • Limited time use please- Some people use office toilets for their private phone calls and sometime read to relieve stress! Well you come to office for work. Limit the use to 2-3 minutes, especially in the evening hours when everybody is in a hurry to leave for home!
  • Office bathrooms are not gossip rooms: Bigger offices have bigger bathrooms and over a period of time, they become favourite gossip place for some of us. Well, not only is it not right, you run the risk of others hearing your gossip! And where it is single use bathrooms, at times colleague’s gossip with each other across the door, with one inside and other outside. Well, there has to be a difference between office and home and doing such actions goes against the basic office etiquettes.
  • Wash your hands after use – Remember that you are in office and not at your home. Maintaining personal hygiene is not only for self but also important for other colleagues.

Here is “All the Very Best” for a nice, hygienically clean, nice smelling office bathroom and its hygiene conscious users.

41 Responses to Office Toilet Manners- When Will We Learn?

  1. aakanksha says:

    nice post

  2. Shyamolee says:

    I would love to have all officer goers reading this article…maintaining bathroom/washroom hygiene, not only in office but also in home, is one of the important aspects of our daily life!!

  3. pratibha says:

    It is important to maintain hygiene especially for public washrooms which is not used by one but many. Many people fail to realize that many diseases come about because of these unhygienic conditions in public washrooms. Yet, it is least paid attention to!

  4. gagan says:

    what is so nice about this post.
    these are the manners that everybody should know.

  5. Sanam Azhar says:

    Nice one..

  6. Aamir says:

    LIFTING the LID before leaving the toilet is most IMPORTANT. It is usually not followed and it annoys! Lets keep an eye on lids and observe if this post really helps :)

  7. raju says:

    Hi…Lets all make this world a healthy place to live by keeping our surroundings clean and maintain hygienic conditions in the public washrooms

  8. Deepshikha says:

    something very very basic as this , unfortunately is not a natural habit for many of us .

    we must ask ourselves before leaving a dirty washroom that Would I be leaving the washroom like this at home, I’m sure the answer would come as a “no”, for most of us,
    so why don’t we consciously take care of the same, I fail to imagine.

    Hope this turns out to be a wake-up article for those who like to provide others with a dirty washroom!!

  9. Richa Gaur says:

    Boys plz read care fully and follow the same.

  10. ajay sharma says:

    I am often asked the difference between a developed and a developing economy. Hygiene is a key differentiater. While it is understandable that those who are illiterate, poor and do not have facilities may not be able to practice hygiene issues, it is annoying if the educated class do not follow basic toilet manners. Though not related – as a man- I disgusted as to how we treat all road sides areas as open Toilets. And again the main culprits seem to be those educated. Can somebody write a blog on that by the way!

  11. Aamir says:

    Deepshika, right said! Cleanliness should be as natural as our visits to …..;)

  12. Deepshikha says:

    Yes Aamir , I do feel it should be as much natural !!

  13. ajay sharma says:

    @Richa..It is meant for all – boys and girls..

  14. vandana S says:

    Only we can know wht is very nice about this topic…..!!!

    Bcoz we r suffering that….! he he he…..!

  15. Shekar says:

    …such instructions should be pasted in every public toilet in india… so that one can read them and later they can apply them….. adequate education on this front is required to be spread amongst the middle and lower middle strata of the population.

  16. gagan says:

    @Richa , How do you know that BOYZ doesn’t follow these things????

  17. Richa Gaur says:

    Gagan, Girls are much Sensible and sophisticated rather than boys, got it.

  18. Manohar singh says:

    We should not forget that somebody will also use after

  19. aakanksha says:

    whats happening here.. girls and boys,, just follow the basic etiquettes of using a washroom and stop fighting over the issue

  20. Sita Sharma says:

    nice article…

  21. gagan says:

    Richa How can u say that ‘Girls are much Sensible and sophisticated rather than boys’ ???
    U acnt compare boyz n gals over these things

  22. gagan says:

    Richa How can u say that ‘Girls are much Sensible and sophisticated rather than boys’ ???
    U cant compare boyz n gals over these things

  23. Rithika says:

    Yes one need to know toilet Manners & Follow them too,

  24. Rohit says:

    Love urself & love ur body..maintaining hygiene is all about maintaining urself.A good smelling you has no meaning if u enter a stinking place…Toilets are now rest rooms..love your office the way you love your home or your room.

  25. Rakesh Chauhan says:

    nice article…

    No comments

    If you follows all the above instruction, you can safe. Regarding other person, every body know that if you clean and maintain hygienic you washroom (office or home) you maintain your health & image.

  26. Gaurav Sharma says:

    I hope people who have read this blog dont flush it out of their memory.

  27. Swati Agarwal says:

    Hmm, well there are few people in this world who do need to know these manners, but they are like the tail of the dog, they will always remain manner less.
    One thing I would like to ask, I have heard some where that in every office there should be separate toilets for boys and girls, as per the Indian Laws, is it true?

  28. melito75 says:

    It always surprises me to see people in the office who do not wash their hands after going to the bathroom. It makes me wonder if they do the same thing at home. If they do, I don’t want to go to their house.

    Also, don’t forget the courtesy flush! That should be on everyone’s list of manners.

  29. Sonali Goswami says:

    Well we Indian never learn the manners.

  30. Custom Website Design says:

    We always follow it.

  31. Swapnil says:


  32. darmowy says:

    Thank you for another great article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing?

  33. davis says:

    I love the pic it is hilarious to know people actually do that

    and why can’t people flush the toilet when they leave i simply don’t get that part it is totally disgusting

  34. Sukanta says:

    Girls plz read care fully and follow the same

  35. renamer says:

    You described the things just to the point. I think we really should learn and use it in our practical life. Thanks for sharing.

  36. life insurance india online says:

    Awesome article. Really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

  37. lic india says:

    wonderful article. Really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

  38. Sadhana raj says:

    What so awesome and wonderful about the article…
    Article is only conveying the general toilet etiquettes thats it which we should follow only u can say its a nice article and useful also……

  39. SK RANA says:

    You have done a good thing to guide peoples about proper and right use of toilet place.

  40. European water closet WC says:

    such instruction are really needed to keep office WC Hygiene

  41. Twin Cities janitorial says:

    Sadly, not everyone knows the most basic of bathroom etiquette. A little effort in everyone’s part can make using public bathroom a pleasant experience, as opposed to a horrid one. Thanks for sharing all this!

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