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Hidden Emotions of Girls and Boys!

Here is a start:

Guys usually don’t notice the differences in your overall appearance, unless you have done something really mischievous with your looks: a bad haircut, an unmatched foundation, a poor lip gloss, or a pathetic deodorant. On the other hand, girls would notice even a small stain on your shirt, a different haircut and yes, your waxed arms too!


Already finding it interesting? Read on… Let us start with some facts about GUYS:

  • Going deep inside the minds of these naughty, yet mysterious boys, we would find a child within. You know what, a guy’s mind is attired with plenty of secrets, and we were thinking that it’s the girls who are the ocean of mysteries!  A guy will only disclose his feelings to the girl whom he thinks is genuine and his real companion.
  • Guys prefer writing their emotions rather than speaking it out in front of the girl. They would send you messages, write their emotions on instant messaging, but hardly speak out their minds in front of you.
  • Guys are not fools as they are thought to be! So all you girls out there, stop underestimating them.
  • Guys may tell you that they don’t have hugs and kisses at the back of their mind, but trust me they crave for the same occasionally.
  • No matter how many flirty comments a guy passes to other girls, he always thinks of the girl he loves before going to bed everyday. ( I know you too are thinking about the moments you have spent at night thinking about that SOMEONE special)
  • When a guy looks into your eyes, he is deeply in love with you and wants to tell you this through his eyes.
  • When a guy takes time in answering your questions but says IAM FINE, after a huge pause, trust me, he isn’t!
  • When a guy says I LOVE YOU, he means it!
  • When a guy asks you the same question again and again, he is thinking why are you lying to him.
  • If a guy calls you every day, it is his way of saying I miss you and I am craving for your attention. Silly, get back to me!
  • If a guy sends you messages like Hope you are fine, Take Care, it means he wants to know how you are and is repeatedly worried about you.
  • Saying ‘Miss You’ means he wants to see you right now.
  • Has he said “He Can’t Live Without You,” it means he is fantasizing his future with you.
  • Guys don’t actually run after good looking chicks. Rather, those who present themselves neatly and have a good nature are liked by these men out there. Also, if a girl manages to provide a glimpse of the boy’s mother, trust me, he will go mad after her.
  • Guys love to flirt but would always have their lady love at the back of their mind, ALWAYS!
  • A guy would go boom boom over the cute smile of their beau and can do anything silly to get her attention.
  • A guy may develop infatuation for you for a minute but may forget you the other moment, provided you go against his likings.
  • A guy hates liars. Also, never talk about your ex in front of them; they will hate you to the core.
  • Guys succumb to drinking or drugs, probably because they find them as an easy escape from reality or a medium to utter out their emotions, which otherwise remain inside their heart only.
  • When guys want to meet your parents, let them do so! They are genuine this time.
  • Guys cry too! They can be too possessive.
  • When a guy ignores your conversations by saying “hmmmmm” or “let’s see”, trust me, he is not at all interested in you now!
  • You can never understand guys unless you listen to them carefully. So start believing in him.
  • If a guy truly loves you, he will tell you about his problems. At this moment, stop giving advice to him, just listen!
  • Guys think a lot and their fantasies are unlimited!
  • A rejected guy would always think about the girl who rejected him throughout his life. On the other hand, the one who deeply loves him holds no importance in his life.
  • If a guy is saying LEAVE ME ALONE, he is saying ask me silly, what’s wrong with me?
  • Guys like girls who know cooking.
  • Guys cannot handle problems of their own. But they are too stubborn to commit to it.
  • A guy may look hard from the outside, but he prays once in a while, which surely means he has good intensions too.
  • Don’t overreact in front of them. They don’t like it. It’s a turn off actually.

NOW it’s time to know about GIRLS:

  • If guys have done something wrong, there are chances that girls might give them a second chance. But if it’s not happening, then something is really serious! You need to come out with a heart filled apology.
  • If she is not talking at all, looking depressed, but is not crying. Be sure that she is crying in her heart.
  • A guy would be present every moment, every single second, every day on her mind, provided she loves him.
  • If a girl truly loves a guy, she won’t find anything to hate about him. Even his drawbacks would look his assets to her.
  • If you are one of those lucky guys on whom she has a deep infatuation, then just pass a deep smile on her and stare in her eyes, she will melt there only.
  • Girls enjoy talking about their interests. Be it music, paintings or what ever.
  • Never ignore a girl completely or be too possessive or serious about her. Both occasions would turn her off badly.
  • Never lie to her. The worst part comes when she gets to know the truth from a third person.
  • A girl loves to hear compliments. But her weakness is that she doesn’t know how to react to it!
  • Don’t give her the reasons to doubt your love or authenticity towards your relationship.
  • A simple “Hello, How Are you?” can brighten up her day! So don’t miss out on these minor conversations.
  • Ask her best friend on her likes and dislikes. No other person would provide you the hidden information like a girl’s best friend.
  • If you want to break off with a girl, tell it on her face gently. It’s better than ignoring her and making her feel like a trash!
  • If a guy she admires calls her or messages her for the first time, she might look uninterested during the whole conversations. But as soon as the conversation between both of them ends, she would pick up the phone and start spreading the news to her friends as to what exactly happened in the conversation. Notice the blush on her face then.
  • If you like a girl, make the first move. There are very few girls who would open up first!
  • You can’t remove her ex-boyfriend out of her memory. But you can always create your own space in her heart!
  • Never guess a girl’s feeling. Rather ask her directly. It will help you un-complicate the situation.
  • I LOVE YOU is the biggest compliment a girl can get.
  • Never bring your ego in between a relationship. It will leave the girl NO WHERE.
  • After a girl falls in for some one special, she often asks herself, “Why didn’t I notice him before. Where was he all this while?”
  • Show that you care for her!

Phew! Enough for now! I hope they are…

8 Responses to Hidden Emotions of Girls and Boys!

  1. aakanksha says:

    phew.. thanks for acquainting us with these hidden emotions.. waise one cant tell whats going on in other person’s mind.. but these tips would surely profile a healthy glimpse inside the psyche of gals and boys

  2. Sita Sharma says:

    very useful tips… nice article.

  3. pratibha says:

    Quite an eye opener!

  4. Manisha says:


  5. Manisha says:

    Interesting…. :P

  6. Naveen says:

    boys rocks always… :-)

  7. monika says:

    good ones

  8. Sharlene says:

    WOW, I have always wanted to get into the mind of a man, and after reading this, I def understand men a lot more. As for the women, everything you’ve said here is true. Women are not as complicated as men; it really doesn’t take much to keep us happy, and you are right when u say all it takes to make our day is a simple compliment like “I Love You” or “how are you”. One thing you did forget to mention is that women loves it when her man has pet names for her including the basics like babe, my love, hun, sweetheart…etc…

    Great Blog, I love it and it’s inspiring me!

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