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Why People Change Jobs Frequently?

Some people change jobs as fast as the planets change their directions. And if you are one of those, then its time to sit back, relax and think what exactly are you doing with your career?


Changing jobs is good if you feel that your current job is lacking that spark, zeal and much needed stability, but changing jobs on a frequent basis would do harm rather than doing any good to your career. The moment you land up in a new job, you cannot escape this question by your prospective employer “Tell me, dude, why you change your jobs so often?” How can we be sure that you won’t leave this job in the coming times? Check out the following career faux pas that people end up making:

  • Money, show me the money! A human being has the tendency to remain unsatisfied, no matter how much he gets in life. He is never content with what he gets. If money is the main motto behind your changing the job, think again. Some people only run after the money and don’t think as to what is right from the point of view of their career. This should not be done! What is the surety that you will get a nice job even if they are paying you more? Just keep this thing in mind that money may be good, but you may land up in a terrible career.
  • Do you get bored of your jobs too often? Trust me, then the problem lies with you and not with your jobs. The monotony is killing you day by day. Rather than changing the career, try to bring in some change in your attitude. Changing careers due to boredom means that you yourself are not good in your job.
  • Changing jobs at a frequent level means that you will always remain a fresher or acquire a junior position in your new job. Try to stick to one job and climb up the ladder gradually.
  • Fail to gel up with your boss? I agree that some people find it hard to find a comfort level with their employer, but it can happen in one job, two jobs or at the maximum three jobs. Still if you are failing to find that comfort level, something is wrong in your personality! Learn to coordinate with people around you, no matter how bad they are; otherwise you will end up ruining your career only!

At the end of the day, just keep one thing in mind. Lack of experience is the only facet that you will end up getting in your hand, if you will keep the same attitude towards your professional life. And nothing is worse than being applauded as an “immature” employee, even after working for ten years and that too in different fields!

My tip: A minimum of one year per job would do well to your resume as well as career as well. All the best folks!

6 Responses to Why People Change Jobs Frequently?

  1. ajay sharma says:

    Till the age of 25, the job change decisions are made for small jumps rather then logical reasons. After 25 years and especially after getting married, the job changes for career and stability reasons

  2. Sulekha says:

    one of the reason also when an employee does not feel comfortable with the employer and when does not get motivation and support from the staff member even he/she achieves his/her target and do some extra things also for the company benefit.

  3. pratibha says:

    The reasons for job change are different for different people with some being quite common. However, the story behind each individual would be unique.

  4. Aakanksha says:

    For me, monotony is the biggest reason to look for a change! Other facets follow gradually…

  5. A Paul says:

    The biggest reason for job change in large private sector organisations is the ever changing HR policies. These policies are aligned to meet with the demands of the present financial state of the companies. For example an employee enjoyed certain benefits in 2006 which he no longer receives in 2011. So the question here is if the employee has to be stable, reliable and provide the same level of service irrespective of the changes in the market situations around then why cant there be a more standardized and definitive process of maintaining your employees within the organisation?

  6. Raj says:

    No matter how good the company is,how good the salary is, if your manager is a mad guy and starts torturing you, how long will you fight with them.Every day ? give some time, do your best , if still does not work, kick off the manager and move ahead.World is large enough to get you a good job!I agree it will hamper the career..but no alternative!!

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