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10 Responses to Apple’s Top Paid Application Developed by Indian Students!

  1. ajay sharma says:

    Where will the world be without Indian and Chinese brains?

  2. pratibha says:

    When it comes to brains, it is hard to beat Indians.

  3. Farwa says:

    Indians are best.

  4. Sulekha says:

    Proud to be an Indian…..

  5. shalini says:

    east of west India is the best

  6. vandana S says:

    g8 going Indians.! keep going the gud work…………..!

  7. Tabassum says:

    Congrats to these young lads who have achieved so much at such a young age

  8. rakesh chauhan says:

    I think indian is the best in world

  9. sanam says:

    Great Job…

  10. preeti says:

    need is the mother of invention, this news prove this statement so correctly

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