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Do Reading Horoscopes Fascinate You?

Let me share a quality of one of my close friends with you. The first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning is turn up to the newspaper, leaving all the main headlines aside and rushing to the page carrying my horoscope. Pisces, where is Pisces written. Aaah, there is it. Reading the same does not satisfies her anymore. She gets all ready, goes to office as a part of her daily routine, switch on her computer and make sure that she logs on to her favorite website and read what is going to happen today in her life! Most of the times, it turns out be false, but I guess this summarizes the kind of fascination some people have with reading their horoscopes. And mind you, things are not just limited to reading horoscopes only. Other friends of mine take interest in these aspects in such a way that they cross the limits and buy every single palmistry book they find on the store.


But these are just exceptions. You might say all this on my face that you don’t trust these horoscopes, but some where, deep inside your heart, there is always a fascinations linked with reading your zodiac signs, in an attempt to know as to what is going to happen in the future.

Some people go on till the extend of breaking off their relationship just because they have read it some where that a Gemini and Taurus are not a good match, or something like that! There are many people who believe that zodiac signs play a critical role in shaping their love, life and career aspects. Hence, the fascination for these signs is always genuine.

Stupid questions follow next? Will the future husband be smart? Will I go abroad? How many kids will I have? I have seen many people asking these stupid questions from stupid roadside astrologers. And trust me; the list of questions is endless.

In addition fascination lies in other facets also. Do people born under same signs show similar resemblance. Will I gel up well with my boss? Do I have a compatible husband if he is a Capricorn or say a Sagittarian? Questions like these always pop up in the minds of people, especially when they start relying on the horoscopes in a major way.

Coming back to some other funny instances, these so called astrologers are sometimes treated as gods and given some of the best delicacies in the world as if there is no one above their rank existing on earth.

One thing is for sure. We must not rely too much on these so called zodiac signs. It is we who have to make our destiny and that what matters at the end of the day. Holding a fascination with your future is genuine with people of all age group but making it a mania is sheer foolishness… With these thoughts, I would like to end my article here. What are your stars saying for you! Haan? ;)

16 Responses to Do Reading Horoscopes Fascinate You?

  1. Rachna says:

    lolz.. nicely written..:)
    Yes Astrology for timepass is gud.. but i dont believe much.. but sometimes one have to.. if its serious

  2. aakanksha says:

    Horoscopes shud be taken in a lighter manner! Trusting on them blindfoldedly is foolishness

  3. Manisha says:

    Good One…. Look forward for more on this……..!!!

    C Ya.. :)

  4. Tabassum says:

    it is God who has written your destiny so waste time and money running behind astrologers

  5. pratibha says:

    Well written…but one aspect is for sure that many read these forecasts as mere time pass and for the sake of some fun!

  6. Richa says:

    even I am one of them who read their horoscope on the daily basis, but I hardly believe in this

  7. Deepshikha says:

    Working with a newspaper, A BIG name that it happens to be , gave enough insight to how exactly these forecasts are written , rewritten, scripted, rescripted , so….. serious advice to all… dont just be blind people, !!!

  8. Sulekha says:

    i cant say its a time paas its more about the faith and believe you have on ur self and on god… more or less i do believe in horoscopes daily basis……it may hurt in some time knowing about the future but i really enjoy a lot maximum times

  9. ajay sharma says:

    Seriously this horoscope and charts have runied more marriages and lives then do anything concrete. I normally do not make such strong statements about anything but horoscopes and charts for marriages should be banned. Thousands of people are born at the same time, on day and same year. We know they do not follow the same destiny.

  10. Alok Vats says:

    Well, I will tell lie if I will say that I won’t look for the daily horoscopes. Frankly I must see it in the morning, but I never understand if it is written for me or for others? Frankly we should not look for it seriously…

  11. Rohit says:

    Give your best to whatever you wish.Rest, whatever has to happen will happen.

  12. shalini says:

    I have no idea :0) I’ve never thought about it. I will have to pay attention now…

  13. Rithika says:

    I do not believe in Horoscopes , what ever had to happen it will happen,

  14. Nona Gill says:

    I myself do not believe in astrology and the powers of stars but do have a keen interest and inclination towards learning and understanding about them. I have learnt the art of Tarot card reading as a hobby, and must say that this field is vast and never ending. But one thing is for sure our life should not be depending and focussed on them as future can never be predicted with certainty.

  15. Farwa says:

    I do not beleive but i will see Horoscopes daily.

  16. sanam says:

    Not much interested in Horoscopes..

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