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Dress Up- Don’t Compromise this Monsoon!

If you are a fashionista, you should know how to dress up according to the season and weather! No matter how gloomy the weather is, you can bring a sense of appeal into your dress sense with your creativity. As monsoon is around the corner, many people setting their wardrobes and preparing what to wear while the rainy and gloomy days are going to be there.

Some love monsoon as I do, but there are still some people who hate the season for it creates mess and they really get confused as what to wear and what not. The rainy days make it difficult for them to wear what they want to, since there is always a fear the rain would come without any indication and they end up with drenched clothes. Huh, this does not account for the perfect reason for not looking trendy in monsoon days. Because, there are still people who manage to look as trendy as they do during the remaining seasons of the year.

This monsoon, do not compromise with your style statement and allow yourself to frighten of the wet season. Be little creative and let your thoughtfulness run in order to get trendy even during those days of heavy downpour. For fashionistas, there is nothing like unfriendly weather- your appeal lies on how you carry yourself on any, good or bad, day!

Girls out there, here are exclusive tips for you. If you like to be noticed and expect an unmessy monsoon, keep your thoughts to short, simple, yet trendy clothes. Short skirts are a big hit, however, office goers can also pick knee-length skirts and tunics. Be practical and try to visualize the end result of wearing lighter hues during the season. Avoid white, and take refuge to darker colors like brown, olive green and orange. Indigo has recently been in vogue! Add one Indigo dress this monsoon to your wardrobe. Avoid wearing long dresses!

Those who are accustomed to traditional wears can opt for funky and colorful kurtis. Team them up with churidaars or leggings which are in fashion of late. It is time to put your heavily embroidered salwar-kameez aside and replace them with lightweight chiffon or even cotton suits. However, this should be kept in mind that even though cotton is manageable, it can get worse with wet and muddy weather.

As for boys, since long trousers are unavoidable at workplaces, you can consider fabrics like poly-nylon. As far as casual wears are concerned, guys opt for cargo pants. With little innovativeness, you can cut your old pair of denim and convert it into a trendy pant. Cut it according to your choice of length and I am sure, you would look smart.

As for footwear, go for slippers and rubber chappals. Whenever it is possible to avoid leather shoes, avoid them. For a more trendy looks, you can always opt for boots, which would keep your feet safe and clean as well.

Above are just a few tips for the rainy season. Use your thought and you would be flooded with ideas for sure. Now, pray for the monsoon to come sooner ;)

7 Responses to Dress Up- Don’t Compromise this Monsoon!

  1. pratibha says:

    Monsoon is here which is more than enough for us to cheer!

  2. shyamolee says:

    Really, good dressing tips…sure, this monsoon we are not going to compromise!

  3. Rithika says:

    Good Tips to carry on with ideas for Sure, there is nothing like unfriendly weather- your appeal lies on how you carry yourself on any, good or bad, day!

  4. aakanksha says:

    monsoon, winter or summer….no matter wt…………dress up nicely

  5. Farwa says:

    Which ever clothes you wear atlast you should be comfortable,that is Important

  6. Sulekha says:

    I never dress up according to the weather…it all depends in which i am comfortable… no matter what may be the season….but given tips are good..

  7. Keep working ,splendid job!

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