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Fake Chicken Developed!

For all the vegetarians reading this article, I am sure you must have wondered at some point of time as to how chicken or other non-vegetarian delicacies taste. Being a vegetarian surrounded by chicken lovers all around, sometimes the curiosity takes the better part of me. At the same time, repelling too!

There are many meat replacements that are available in the market today. These include the tofurkey etc. However, tofurkey is a substitute for turkey. As of now there is nothing that tastes similar to chicken. More so, no match for the texture of real meat!

For those intrigued by this but avoid eating non-vegetarian food, here’s the answer to them. The Scientists at the University of Missouri (MU) have developed the answer to chicken. Known as fake chicken since it is not actual chicken, it has been created from a soy product.

The Professor of Biological Engineering and Food Science at the MU, Fu-Hung Hsieh along with his colleagues has come forth with their creation of the first soy product which could be seasoned in such a manner that would make it to taste like chicken. More so, it also breaks similar to chicken while eating making it an effective substitute.

This fake chicken has been made by using soy protein, wheat flour and water. A batter is made of these three which is then treated in a high heat extruder. Post this treatment, this batter is firm and stingy giving it a texture that is similar to that of chicken.

However, when it comes to the taste part, it is still being worked on. As per sources, when eaten, it felt similar to boneless chicken breast which I have seen people crave for. The soy was found to be more hard, singular and uneven when compared to the mashed ones used in a veggie burger. But then, it was somewhat similar to meat.

So, for those foodies out there who love to experiment, this seems to be something interesting and worth trying out. If found successful, then I hope there would be less massacres taking place with less animals being killed for the satiety of the human stomach.

On the other hand, this clearly shows the extent of innovation that technology has taken us. Even in my wildest imagination, I never thought that something like this could surface in the human mind. And so, there are some more options for all the vegetarians out there craving for something new.

12 Responses to Fake Chicken Developed!

  1. ajay sharma says:

    Would love to eat this vege chicken

  2. aakanksha says:

    I would love to binge upon this VEGGIE chicken someday! Waiting for it to come out desperately

  3. pratibha says:

    Definitely a good option for the vegetarians

  4. Lee says:

    Finally, a delight for vegetarians…I always wondered how people can restrict themselves to only the veggies;). Atleast, now they can have a near-real taste of chicken…

  5. Sulekha says:

    hmmm……a god idea…as i am not taking non veg some days in a week so i can take this veg chicken on those days and make myself satisfy …heeeee

  6. vikash ranjan says:

    I love to experiment in my kitchen as far as food items are concerned so this seems to be interesting and I will try it out.

  7. Alok Vats says:

    Well, frankly speaking I don’t like any fake item, and as far as chicken is concerned I really prefer to eat local chicken, not the boiler one. I guess it would be good for vegetarians not for me :) Good to see this fake chicken and it can help my vegetarian friends to eat along with me.

  8. Rithika says:

    Good Options for Vegetarian Friends including me . i don’t think Non vegetarians will like the above as Options,

  9. Lily says:


    These are made from a mushroom, not soy, and are quite good. Non veg friends tell me its very close to the real thing. This product has been out for some time now.


  10. preeti gupta says:

    definitively it’s a good option for those vegetarians who secretly crave for non veg but couldn’t eat it

  11. rakesh chauhan says:

    I am non vegetarian, so this article is not useful for me.

  12. warren says:

    My brother is vegan and his position is that he eats to avoid animal protein. And by extension, he doesn’t want food that tastes like meat. While there is probably a market for these types of foods, why do people always thing vegetarians are looking for substitutions that taste like meat?

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