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261111 ICT Business Analyst – ANZSCO!

The jobs which are in high demand in Australia are listed on the ANZSCO list of occupation. ICT Business Analyst is one of the most demanded occupations present on the ANZSCO list of occupation. People linked with this field may find plenty on job opportunities in this field. Those applying under General Skilled category are required to fill occupation under Schedule 3. If the application falls in Schedule 4, the applicant must apply under the Sponsored (State Nomination/Blood Relation) or under Regional Programs.

This occupation is listed in both Schedule 3 and Schedule 4. Hence, the application can be made in either of the categories. Business Analyst conducts research in the field of computer and communication system. The person comes out with various ways for effectively applying these techniques into the job. The applicant is required to fulfill a majority of the responsibilities mentioned here.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Business Analyst is required to perform research into user interaction. Additionally, he is needed to make use of the information technology systems and see as to which are the areas where ease and efficiency could be enhanced.
  • Coming out with new computer architecture and design and other computer techniques.
  • Other tasks include testing latest information technology system along with taking care of the design problems, if any.
  • Other tasks include acceptance testing
  • Writing reports and analysis related to findings for publication


  • The minimum level of qualification required to qualify for Business Analyst is a bachelor degree or higher qualification
  • Or have experience of a minimum of 5 years in the relevant field.
  • In rare cases, both qualification as well as relevant experience is required to qualify for the same.

Moreover, there are other job responsibilities and qualifications required for this profession. Mail at Ajay@abhinav.com and know more.

7 Responses to 261111 ICT Business Analyst – ANZSCO!

  1. Nilesh says:

    I have completed master of management
    information systems from Australian uni.
    Subject included were business system analysis,
    business system design, business process management,
    introduction to enterprise system etc. But I don’t
    have any experience as a business analyst.
    Do I qualify as business analyst in ACS? Do I get exemption from work experience as a recent graduate?

  2. Nick McNamara says:

    I have a degree in IT&T and also have 7 yrs experience in an Systems Administrator and systems engineer roles. Also have MCSA certification. Would i be elidgeble for 261111 ICT Business Analyst?

  3. Karthik says:

    Hi. I have completed Bachelors with Electrical and electronics engineering, PGDCA(Post graduate Diploma in Computer Applications), Masters with Information Systems. I have applied for my Permanent Residency in jan 2010 with Computing Professionals (NEC). Now I want to move from priority 4 to priority 3. So I want to re-assess my skills. Do I get ICT Business Analysts or something else. Is there any other criteria to get business analysts occupation. I’m confused. Could anyone please help me……..

  4. Nitish says:

    I have Bachelor Degree in Electronics from India and have 9 years of experience in software consulting. Do I need to write RPL (RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING) for 261111 ICT Business Analyst application for ACS?

  5. sanam says:

    Dear Nitish,

    Yes, RPL will be required; kindly write us at sanam@abhinav.com for further information.

  6. Sudhakar says:

    I am currently in Australia on 457 Visa. Planning to apply for PR to Australia. My academic qualifications are not on par with my current occupation of Systems Analyst. My background is Chartered Accountant from India. However for the past 6 years , I am in SAP Banking.

    Am working in application support here in Australia in SAP Banking. I am a functional consultant anew hence I am not sure whether I fit under systems analyst or business analyst.

    So need advise on theRPL to ACS and how to proceed. I can explain in detail what I do in my current project for preparing two project reports



  7. sanam says:

    Dear Sudhakar,

    Please write to us at sanam@abhhinav.com with your detailed resume and we shall advise you further.

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