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3131 – Pharmacists in Canada!

Pharmacy being a niche field does not attract many candidates to opt for this program in colleges. Due to this common perception of the people, the country saw a decline in the number of students opting to study the discipline of pharmacy. This has obviously led to a gradual decrease in the number of pharmacists in the country. As a developed nation, Canada is bound to develop new drugs which could enhance in further developments. With less number of pharmacists in Canada, doors have definitely opened for the foreign trained pharmacists to seek permanent settlement opportunities in the nation. This occupation is present in Canada’s new list of 29 occupations for immigration under federal skilled worker program to Canada. An applicant under this occupation can be working in a pharmacy shop or at hospital. He could also be employed with manufacturing companies in a capacity where the designated staff must have pharmacy as a qualification.

Qualifying Criteria for Immigration

  1. The applicant must have a Bachelors and / or masters of degree in pharmacy.
  2. An applicant for Immigration under this category must have experience of at least one year as a pharmacist or related field that required qualifications as a pharmacist
  3. Overall, a person must have experience of around 2-4 years; actual number of years of experience to apply under this occupation is dependent on many factors such as whether the applicant is married and his English language skills.

Duties & Responsibilities

Some of the duties of a pharmacist vary according to this title or designation. A community or a hospital pharmacist is expected to provide some or all of the duties mentioned below:

  • The applicant must check the prescription for the appropriate dosage of the drug.
  • Filling the right containers in appropriate amounts with the compound prescribed (pharmaceutical product) by calculating, measuring and mixing the various amounts of drugs with other ingredients.
  • Advising and dispensing (the pharmaceutical drugs) to customers and professionals from the health care sector.
  • Keeping a record of the customers’ medication profile which also includes the registry of narcotic, poisons and other controlled drugs.
  • Maintaining and order stock of supplies of various pharmaceuticals.

On the other hand, some of the duties that an industrial pharmacist is expected to perform are:

  • Taking part in research initiatives for developing new drugs.
  • Product formulation for drugs developed by medical researchers.
  • Testing products for stability. Also, inferring the elimination and the absorption patterns.
  • Quality control of new products to meet the required standards during production.

However, for both the above mentioned pharmacists, the job description might involve much more than what has been mentioned. So, you are a pharmacist, write to us at ajay@abhinav.com to know more about Canadian immigration.

30 Responses to 3131 – Pharmacists in Canada!

  1. DR SHABANA says:


  2. Rajesh Kumar Goyal says:

    i have done D-pharmacy in 1990 and having experience as pharmacist in hospitals and medical shops .is there chances of my immigration in skilled category.please reply

  3. Karenina T.Padamada says:

    I am a Retail pharmacist for almost 4yrs now in one of the leading drugstore chain in the Philippines.At the same time as Asst.Branch Manager(Trai.)I am vey much willing to work in canada as RPh..Thank You

  4. Preza S. Cabato says:

    helo, I am planning to migrate in Canada. I almost working for 4 years but it is not continuous in one institution. Is it ok? its counted? Thank you!

  5. manish patel says:

    hello sir. i have total 3 yr experience. and 1 yr experience of retail drug store pharmacist. is there chances of my immigration in skilled category.please reply

  6. Mayank Pandya says:

    Does the D. Pharma holder can apply under 3131 for Canada immigration ? or i required Bachelor ?

    Please revert


  7. rakesh says:

    i have done D-pharmacy in 2004 and having 5 years experience as pharmacist in medical shop.is there chances of my immigration to canada in skilled category.please reply

  8. kanchanjoshi says:

    I have completed my m.pharma in pharmacology& i want to practice in canada .sir please tell me what is the procedure for this. i am a registered pharmacist in canada.

  9. Michael Assimeng Baffoe says:

    I am a registered Pharmacist in Ghana. I really want to practice pharmacy in Canada. please tell me the procedure to migrate to canada to fufill my ddreams . thank you.

  10. Arshad says:

    Iam a registered pharmacist(bpharm) in india with one year expierience in pharmacy practice, i want to know migration steps to canada also want to know weather mpharm qualification has further additional importance in canada

  11. nargis shaheen says:

    i am d pharmacist. heaving 2 years expercience in relevent field i want to apply plz suggest me thanks

  12. Aziz Ullah says:

    I have completed my Masters in Pharmacy from Dhaka University , Bangladesh and having 8 years experience in Pharmaceutical Marketing. For me what can be my opportunity if I will be an immigrant in Canada ?

  13. leena khalid says:

    i am a pharmacist, i have 4 years academic experience in private university in a faculty of pharmacy and also doing ph.D in pharmacognosy . can i apply on this base for canadian immigration.

  14. sanam says:

    Dear Leena,

    Faculty’s are not listed in the positive list of occupations. Throughout your career you have been working as a faculty..??
    Please write us at contact@abhinav.com for appropriate advice.

  15. RAJESH says:


  16. sanam says:

    Dear Rajesh,

    How many years of work exp you have..? Please mail us your detailed resume at contact@abhinav.com for appropriate advise.

  17. jamshi says:

    i am a PHARMACIST from India working in Dubai.how much is the salary of a pharmacist in canada /month/annum.What are the requirements

  18. sanam says:

    Dear Rajesh,

    What was the duration of Diploma? How many years of work experience you have..?
    Please mail us your detailed resume at contact@abhinav.com

  19. Sarika Sandhu says:

    i m sarika i have done d pharma in 2007 having 4 years exp in hospital, m i eligible for apply as 3131 category

  20. sanam says:

    Dear Sarika,

    Please write us at contact@abhinav.com with your detailed resume for assessment of your profile.

  21. sanam says:

    Dear Sarika,

    Please write us at contact@abhinav.com with your detailed resume.

  22. dilip kumar lalawat says:

    i am dilip lalawat i have done d pharma in1992 having 18year exp in retail medical shoap.i want to apply please suggested me.how much salary of a pharmacist in canada. thank you very much.

  23. h.n rao says:

    iam hn rao. iam done d pharama in2003 having exp in marketing.iam eligeble for apply us 3131 category.

  24. Mian Imran says:

    i would like to ask that what is the salary in canada of pharmacist . i have done D. pharm from pakistan , please replay me on my e.mail id

  25. Md. Shamim Hossain Molla says:

    Sir, I have completed my B. Pharm degree from Primeasia University, Bangladesh and have worked as Teacher’s Assistant (TA) at a University Pharmacy Department and worked as a pharmacist in Hospital. Can I apply for immigration to Canada as Pharmacist


    I worked at Gov’t Hospital for over 5 years as Pharmacy Tech. Now, I am an intern Pharmacist. Can I apply for the Hospital Pharmacist position?

  27. D says:

    Hello, I have Pharm D. degree and I have worked for two years as pharmasist in drugstore but I want to immigrate to Canada and work or continue my Ph.D there, What should I do?

  28. sanam says:


    As on date Canada Immigration is on hold, Kindly send us your detailed resume at contact@abhinav.com

  29. jacob says:

    Hi ,
    I have completed D.Phrm ( Diploma in Pharmacy ) Two year course( 10+2+2) and having experience of around 10 years in hospital pharmacy as pharmacist , In charge and as well as Pharmacy Manager . I am eligible to Apply for migration .

  30. sanam says:

    Dear Jacob,

    Please send us your detailed resume at contact@abhinav.com for an appropriate advise on Immigration.

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