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Effective Communication Skills Is the Key to Success!

While applying for any post, one of the most basic requirements which are demanded in your personality by any company is that you must possess good and effective communication skills. The key to achieve great success in your professional life is to have good communication skills which also include good command over language. Your ideas will have no value if you can not communicate them to others in an effective and convincing way.

To run an organization, team members have to communicate with each other constantly and hence it becomes very important that one must have basic skills to be able to communicate with each other in an effective way and with clarity. Of course in some professions such as in sales and marketing or public relations, one must have to have excellent communication skills but in other professions as well, one should be communicative by nature.

Some people are gifted and communication is never a problem for them because they have a natural talent within them but for some, it does not come easy and with time, they need to develop this skill within themselves. But there is no need to worry if you feel shy or hesitant while communicating with your office colleagues because this skill can also be developed with practice. Some ways of developing good communication skills are the following:

  1. Before becoming a good speaker, one must become a good listener first. This is because the key to become an excellent speaker lies in becoming a good listener. Try and observe those people at your work place who are good in communication skills. You don’t have to imitate them but you can learn from them. It is not just about speaking effectively but it is more about speaking sensibly and wisely. An intelligent and wise speaker is always preferred over someone who speaks just for grabbing the attention of people around him.
  2. Do not always be serious while talking as it tense the environment. Even while discussing some serious issues, if you add little humor in your conversation, then it lightens the mood of everyone. But you must make sure that you do not hurt the sentiments of anyone.
  3. Language plays the most important role in having effective communication skills. It is very important for you to be comfortable with the language you use to communicate. Today mostly it is English which is used as an official language, so you must strive to improve your English language skills. While making presentations, if your language is not correct, then it can leave a bad impression on others.
  4. Explore different things like you can develop a habit of reading some novels or magazines. This would sharpen your mind and can also give you topics to discuss upon with your office colleagues.
  5. Your body language is another medium for you to communicate with others. A smiling face is always more appealing to others.
  6. Last but not the least; do not think too much about what to say or what not to. Be natural and remember that everyone deserves respect on this earth like you. And it is equally important to respect yourself for what you are even if there are certain things which you are not good at.

There are many more ways to improve your communication skills other than these points which are discussed in this article. Ineffective and unclear communication skills could lead to misunderstandings between office colleagues which can be an obstacle in their performance level. So it becomes very important to develop this skill within you and with practice everything is possible. All the best!

2 Responses to Effective Communication Skills Is the Key to Success!

  1. ajay sharma says:

    Communication skills determine where you stand in life both on personal and professional front.

  2. sulekha says:

    Communication makes life brighter and brither and…….

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