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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program- General Stream!

The General Stream of the Manitoba Provincial nominee Program is points-based. Individuals who are not able to meet the requirements of the Priority Assessment Stream of the MPNP, can be eligible for the General Stream. Applicants are awarded with points based on different factors, such as age, education, work experience, language proficiency and adaptability. One is required to score at least 55 points for the factors in order to be nominated by the MPNP. Applicants have to demonstrate one of the following in order to be nominated by the MPNP under the General Stream:

  • Proof of a close family member in Manitoba;
  • Two written documents from distant relatives or close friends in Manitoba;
  • Evidence regarding that the applicant has finished a non-language training (education) program in the province of Manitoba; or
  • Proof of minimum 6 months of full-time work experience in Manitoba.

Basically, the General stream is meant for skilled workers who can convince the provincial program about their intention to establish themselves in Manitoba. Besides, the applicants must also undergo point-based assessment. Have a look at the below and find out who could be got selected for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program’s nomination under the General Stream:

  • Applicants are eligible if they can be assessed with the sufficient points.
  • Applicants are considered if they have required training, work experience and language proficiency, useful for the long-term employment in the province of Manitoba.
  • If the applicants have convinced the Provincial Nominee Program about their intention and ability to settle permanently in Manitoba.

For more information about the General Stream of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

16 Responses to Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program- General Stream!



    i just want to apply in general stream program. please help out how to start with…

  2. sanam says:

    Dear Navarro,

    Kindly send your details at contact@abhinav.com



    I like to apply the MPNP under general stream,i dot know how to start and to get the form for fill up..is there any fees for the form or for apply for general stream> and you mention that ill be needing to submit one of the requirement which is 2 written documents from closed friends or relatives from manitoba..what kind of 2 documents your be needing?? so i can start to process..thanks evan

  4. sanam says:

    Dear Maria,

    Kindly mail us your details at sanam@abhinav.com. On hearing from you on the same we shall guide you further.

  5. Nikka Muriel says:

    Hi, I just want to apply in MPNP under general stream, i have a close relative in manitoba but i dont know how to start, i want to know what is the requirments needed? Please help. Thaks nikka

  6. aurora plaza says:

    i would like to ask if i am still qualified to apply to the general stream wherein i am already 61 years old…I have all the needed requirements which i know i can obtain at least 55 points.

  7. sanam says:

    Hi Aurora,

    One should score minimum 67 points to qualify for Immigration to Canada.

  8. harold says:

    hi, I just want to inquire how to settle and live in manitoba, me and my wife have expertise in different fields, We want to apply as general stream.


  9. Malek says:

    i was just applying on general stream with 2 affidavit of MAS support with friend relative. firstly i forgot to put my photograph in my application envelop so i did 2nd mailed with only photograph with covering latter to keep with my application packed.

    and i need to knw how much time it will take form UK. i was applying from United Kingdom.

  10. jo says:

    i want to apply for pnp general stream,. would it be ok if my close relative is brother, but the requirements will be in the name of her wife because her wife has the work (employment certificate), i will submit their birth certificate and marriage contract. please let me know. thanks.

  11. Baljinder says:

    Dear sir’
    I want to apply in Manitoba, because my aunt living in Canada last 15 years,(my father’s real sister) she was sponsoring me. Please tell me. Am i eligible in general stream or family stream ?

  12. sachin says:

    I have applied in Canada MPNP general program in May 2012. Still I did not receive any file number. Please tell me that how much more time it will take.


  13. rahul verma says:

    hi dear
    i have close friend in manitoba is it nececessary that u have ur family member over there or some friend can also give u affidavit of support

  14. aihlene alvarado says:

    How long it will take thé processing time for général stream?

  15. joveneth sardeng says:

    im processing now a papers for mpnp application.. my friend is supporting me. in my settlement plan 1 there is no option of friend,what should i say in that plan ? the only option there is close relative .. how do i know if im under general stream ?

  16. rajinder mittal says:

    we are applicant from sep,2012 but still not get any file no or any other information
    under general stream.sponserd by a close friend in Mannitoba

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