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Keep the “Sexitement” Alive!

These days, people are hurrying to end their relationships! One single fight and off they are… towards a break up! May be that much needed spark is missing in life! Couples part away in the morning, go to work, and meet at night, all tired up that they rarely get time to interact with each other. Can we blame them for their off-relationship??? But what about those “fairytale relationships” which hardly see the face of a fight or even if they do, it vanishes off in a second!!! What do these couple madly-in-love do to keep the ‘sexitement’ alive in the relationship??? Allow me to disclose their secrets to you:

Keep the “Sexitement” Alive!

  • How about taking a shower together? I know this very first tip would bring shivers in your body, but try it some day… In fact I would recommend it everyday! The intimacy shared in wet cannot be described in any other book and what else can be a better way to start your day that this?
  • Touch each other more often! Even if you are walking out of the car, going to a grocery store or sitting together on a couch, touching each other, putting arms on back and making intimate gestures without the others sitting around you knowing, can be of a lot of fun and arise “sexitement” between a couple. (Don’t wait for the other person to make the move!!!)
  • Be kids sometimes too: Argue with your spouse in a “kiddish” manner all of a sudden in the midst of a conversation! Tease her for something, an act which would ultimately lead to intimacy between the two the next moment!
  • Long distance relationship? If this is the case with you, ensure that your sex life is not ruined by the distance created between the too. Text her hug, a very tight hug, leading to making love between both of you. Let her know how gorgeous she looks in that black small dress of hers and how much willing you are to have her by your side tonight!!!
  • Surrounded by so many people at home? Call her outside the home by calling her on her mobile and go for a surprise ten minutes drive with her without others knowing! Spend some intimate moments with her in the car and let her think about you the whole time while you drop her home back again!
  • Cuddling each other often means you care and are deeply in love with each other! Hug each other everyday, every minute, every second!!!

Take care folks!

2 Responses to Keep the “Sexitement” Alive!

  1. Deepshikha says:

    I must say, ,,,,its so peppy !! ;)

  2. aakanksha says:

    Guess its written after reading someone in mind!!!!

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