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Gentle Men, Not Macho!

No… No… Here I am not writing about feminine men or those who are pansy (to be more precise have womanly traits)!!! No!!! I am not talking about them at all. So, focus girls!

Gentle Men, Not Macho!

What I am actually trying to elaborate here is that girls like those men who apart from being ‘ruff n tuff,’ have this soft heart lying some where within their body too! You are getting what I am saying? I mean girls prefer those metro sexual men who are flooded with cool attitude and are much above their six-pack abs, gymming and manly facets!!! True!

In all the relationships handled by men, be it their wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters or just a friend, men should adopt a subtle, understanding and cool behavior, to make the other person relaxed too!

Gone are the days when men decked with a gym-packed body, manly voice, rigid behavior and strict attitude were in vogue. Now are the days of UNDERSTANDING men, men who understand the mood-swings of their women, think about the balance created by them between work and home, help them in day-to-day routine and take care of them in all the aspects, without their asking! (I know guys that today’s women are independent and don’t want anyone’s support, but “Understanding Men” are the need on an hour! Once in a while, its ok to have immense-pure support of your guy) Hmmm. Someone of Imran Khan in Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na types!!! Right girls?

Here I am talking about the “nice guy” image! Someone (probably) the guy-next-door or just Mr. Cool and not a heartbreaker…

Next comes the facet, which forms another matter of importance (at least for we girls out there)! It’s the grooming aspect! Although, we don’t want our guys to be out-of-shape or un-groomed, we don’t want them to be trying toooooooo hard too! It’s the game of cool, casual and earthy look… EFFORTLESS, yet CLASSY!

Now, let us talk about pure heart! Already drooling? Girls love men with pure heart… They should speak their heart out (can cry also in front of their woman) rather than going ga ga over their masculinity. I mean, a Shahid who speaks “s” ko “f” can be a Casanova and make women dance to his tunes, but a Shahid who stammers is preferred most by most of the women in the long run!!!

But does that kicks men with a macho image out of the league? Does that keep them in the list of tags which are NOT in demand? No! There is always a scope for them too, but “Dil” should be pure!

12 Responses to Gentle Men, Not Macho!

  1. Denza says:

    it is so difficult to find such men…..sigh

  2. logos says:

    @Denza: If Google do so?

  3. Sekhar says:

    ……most of us are gentle….

  4. Aakanksha says:

    gentle is in……………..

  5. ajay sharma says:

    I am indeed amused to see these comments. “Understanding’ develops over a period of time. And it is a 2 way traffic. Do not be TOO choosy and you will find one around you ladies…at office, amongst friends…Give it time and you will find your “understanding”, “gentle” soulmate

  6. Shamjeet says:

    Gentle men are always in…n I have got one.

  7. Rakesh Chauhan says:

    If any body search, gentle men not macho, so i think i am fit for that.

  8. Deepshikha says:

    GENTLE – men, the word speaks for itself, n yes one sure gets to know better with time , spent together, but yes , a gentleman can be noticed in the first sight itself… it’s not a hidden trait.

  9. shalini says:

    If you r Lucy then only u get GENTLEMEN

  10. shalini says:

    If you r Lucky then only u get GENTLEMEN

  11. Owen Marcus says:

    Yes, macho is dead – but so is the nice guy. Our new masculinity is something between the two. It is a man who can be emotional and still stand as a man. It is a man who can rapture his woman and say no to her. It is a man who adores his woman and has a life beyond his relationship.

  12. shyamolee says:

    It’s not like ‘Gentle is in’…gentleness has always been an appreciated trait in men.

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