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US to include iron soldiers in the army!

As a part of the US long-term planning Robots may be introduced in to its army. These sophisticated machines are already part of the modern times warfare, but it looks like US army is too keen to make some fresh additions!

US to include iron soldiers in the army!

These robots can perform any task, from being unflagging sentries to even busting enemy snipers. The current candidates are built with such high end technology that will transform our concept of wars we know. These robots with zero distraction and the “unblinking” technology cannot escape movement of any kind. They are the body-guards of human soldiers. They do not even panic with fire around. These machines were noticed at the Army training school at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Bringing the machines v/s humans is met with a lot of world-wide controversy. The very idea of machines with inbuilt sensors, wheels, guns and a deadly inbuilt intelligence seems overpowering. Robots can fire at a potential target within fractions of a second. Their capacity to distinguish between the enemy and the innocent is highly questionable. Since the robots can almost at a blink, stage an attack, this new line of iron force will trigger the thirst for power of many nations.

Many experts including Wendell Wallach, the Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics and also the technology and ethics study group chairman foresee a situation in near future where wars will begin easily with minimal expenditure.

US is striking at automation in every war they are currently involved. The Predator aircrafts of the country have been hit with global dislike, stating them as total criminal devices. These Predator aircrafts are operated in US but are directed for fire by soldiers on the ground. This technology killed many civilians in both Iraq and Afghanistan purely out of mistaken identities. The military technologists assert that getting robots to fight wars will save a lot of lives in the American troupes.

Is a different sort of terrorism emerging?

5 Responses to US to include iron soldiers in the army!

  1. Sekhar says:

    well…. these robots can be used where there are no civilians…. but they should be used intelligently in locations where civilians are present….

    India can place such robots on the borders…. to fight and stop infiltration…

  2. ajay sharma says:

    IF only all this money in developing warfare strategies is used in welfare of mankind, the world will be such a better place to live in

  3. Tabassum says:

    this definitely is going to save many lives at the same time like sir has mentioned all this involves a lot of money which can rather be used for a better purpose.

  4. Habibies says:

    In Real or in Games…??? :D

  5. humor says:

    so we are shortly going to see Ironman in real action :P

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