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What Makes Men Attracted To Women?

Guys, would you mind if we attempt to reveal a few things you feel about women? Okay, okay…girls, see these men are more than happy to have me as their conveyer to let you know what they think about you! I definitely do not mind being one. Let us start a series of write-ups unveiling the male psyche with a list of things men like in women. Definitely, relationships aren’t the concern today. Let us keep it light…

What Makes Men Attracted To Women?

Boys are often caught saying many bad things about girls which makes me feel why do they end up liking them? More so, why are they attracted to women if they dislike many things in them? But, then I tend to realize that women are born with the sexuality which makes them fascinating, mystifying and ever attractive! There are a lot more things that men may like in women, but, here are just a few things that catch the male eyes…

  • Perfect curves: All women may not be amused at this, but the reality is that men do always check out your vital stats from every corner. You cannot help it and neither can the man! Mind it; men do a good job in keeping the track of the waist-to-hip ratio and height of the girl they met the last night!
  • That killer smile: A beautiful smile is irresistible! A smile is a sure-shot and proven weapon of a girl, with which she can win over many hearts. The effectiveness of a beautiful smile is more on guys- it can make them go down on their knees. Guys always find those girls approachable who wear a ready-made smile on their face.
  • The pair of demure eyes: This is no shallow talk. You can almost trust a guy if he says he’s lost in your peepers (given you have a beautiful pair of eyes ;)! Yes, eyes are one of the physical attributes in women that men are attracted to.
  • An enchanting voice: A voice has always been a major attribute in women that keeps men engaged in conversation for hours. However, it’s totally the personal choice of men- some may like it the Bipasha Basu way, while others may like it the Rani Mukherjee way!
  • It’s about the feminine tress: One of the best attributes women are endowed with is hair. The long tresses give them a more feminine look, over which guys can go weak.

Physical attraction is temporary. Never think men are only concerned about the initial spark- they are attracted to women more than just the skin. Tempted to know more?? Stay tuned to us!

11 Responses to What Makes Men Attracted To Women?

  1. Sekhar says:

    …. it matches with the lot

  2. Neha Sharma says:

    because girls are the best …………………………..that’s why boys r attracted to girls……….

  3. Ajay Sharma says:

    Most inviting is the smile and ability to flirt

  4. Farwa says:

    Men’s Can Explain better in this Buzz . What Makes Men Attracted To Women?

  5. Sulekha says:

    A man looks at many attributes which includes not only physical but also mental beauty. :)

  6. gagan says:

    Perfect curves,killer smile,enchanting voice……these factors may be important in most of the cases but not in every case…

  7. shalini says:

    I think a smile and can easily win over a male heart. and also men get attracted to a woman’s skin, lips, height, character, etc…………. ;)

    In short, men love women who they can take home to their mother.

  8. Habibies says:

    I Love Women and they also love me :P

  9. Steve says:

    Basically Men are attracted to women because they are female and men are male. Men are biologically and psychologically programmed to find women attractive. Different men like different types of women.

    What men find attractive about women is not just their appearance. It is the whole package that makes her a woman: her feminine body, delicate refined skeletal framework, her mind, her heart, her gracefulness, the aura of femininity that surrounds her, that radiates from her; her personality. It is not just what the man sees, but more importantly what he understands from meeting her that appeals to him.

    I am thinking of a type of woman I find attractive. She is slender. She is Japanese or Chinese or perhaps from Indonesia or some other country in South East Asia. She has black hair and dark brown eyes. Her eyes look oriental. Her hair is rick in texture, healthy, soft, full and long.

    Her skin is soft. She looks refined and elegant. Her feminine mannerisms are cute and appealing, such as flicking her hair back from her eyes, or holding her head on one side. There is a delicacy in her manner and softness in her voice.

    When I speak to her she listens attentively with out interrupting. And she thinks about what I’m saying. She is undemonstrative. But she has her own judgment and her own councils.

    She is caring and gentle. She has a loving personality. She is thoughtful.

    She dresses well. She dresses neatly. She does not wear sexually provocative clothing. This would have a disturbing effect on men, focusing their minds on sex and erotic thoughts and desires rather than on the person as a human being deserving of dignity and respect. Clothes look good on her. They compliment her figure; they make her appear smart and refined.

    To be in love with such a lady is to possess a valuable treasure.

    That is my ideal woman. Maybe she is living behind the iron curtain in North Korea many thousands of miles away from me. Maybe I will never meet her; never fall in love with her. Attractive young women quickly acquire boyfriends and soon marry. They get taken fast and men like me can only dream and walk alone through life feeling sad and lonely.

  10. Sadhana raj says:

    @steve: R u Okay??

  11. Berma S. Macarambon says:

    @ Steve : wish you’d find the girl of your dreams. She may just be around the bend. There’s no need to travel far to meet your Juliet. I’m sure God has already prepared someone for you.

    Good luck !

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