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Google accused of favoring certain sites!

Google, the top rated search engine has been accused for clandestine site ratings and misusing its market position for the search results. There has been a speculation about Google giving special treatments for its own services and clients. The formal announcement on the inquiry by European commission is on the cards.

Google accused of favoring certain sites!

The accusations have come from search sites like Ciao – Microsoft owned German online shopping website, Eustice.fr – a French legal services site and Foundem, UK based search site. They stated that their sites were highly competent and deserved better rankings.

Allegations have been piled on Google that it used its advantageous position to influence the lowering of the rankings of the unpaid sites even if they were competent in every way to provide the required online content to the user, while wiping out any competition for its exclusive services or clients.

Google replied that the site was absolutely invented for the users and not the websites. Some sites could not handle the rightful low ranking; hence they have resorted to a legal way of getting at them. They said that the ads were well marked allowing the user to make the best decision. They were even open to join with EC to bring about some positive changes in the site.

It is well known that Microsoft has been the arch rival of Google. Along with registering around 3 complaints against the search engine giant, it launched an online campaign asking for better transparency in the search operations. Microsoft has also backed several anti-Google sites like icomp.

I feel that when Google entered the online search market, it was already filled with many search engines, but it carved a niche for itself and ruled the market. It was a wowee to users and quickly gained popularity. The probe should not be carried out based on the allegations of a handful of small sites or just because the success set by Google is too hard to achieve.

Google has a right to keep its working strategies to itself like all other search sites. If any law is imposed after the probe, all the search sites will have no choice but to follow it, even Microsoft. If Google walks out guilty from the probe, the fine would be 10% of the annual revenues of $23.6 billion.

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  1. Google have the right to offer their service in any form they like and users have the right to use it or not use it, but I do worry about the power and hold they have in online marketing and advertising, it’s heading toward being one big monopoly and nobody seams to be considering how we might control that if it gets out of hand

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