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More Fog, No Visibility, What to Do?

Fog is escalating with each passing day! Being on road at 1 am yesterday night, sitting in a car crawling at the speed of a bull cart and going through the endless wait made me realize how this fog is making my life worse (at least this night, when I would have been sitting in my cozy bed watching TV and here I am struck in the midst of the road just waiting to reach home). Not to forget the risk of driving through a busy road of Delhi’s Highway where hundreds of giant SUVs and trucks are running at the speed of more than 100km/hr and you are sitting in your small car praying to reach home every second!

More Fog, No Visibility, What to Do?

This is the case with every driver in Delhi and other parts of North India these days. This is just a small scale instance I am giving in! What about hundreds of flights and their schedules which are hampering, thanks to this unwarranted fog and the layers of clouds cuddling them!

Airport is buzzing with passengers and their wait is endless… The scenario is wide and clear in front of my mind (unlike the weather these days!) Telephones are ringing one after another, lines are busy, customer care executives are hammering their heads and passengers are puking their heart out in an attempt to know the schedules of their flights which are changing with each minute!

And there is another havoc side to this extreme fog! The chill is playing the deadly role of a demon too! The death rate is increasing day by day, thanks to the unnerving layer clasping north India with its huge arms. There is NO escape! Certainly NO escape! And the worse thing is that it will only get harsher and harsher.

What is the elucidation? We can’t sit at home, leaving all the work aside and keeping the entire north India at a standstill! We can’t run away from it! And then we say that Global Warming is yet to show its effects! Then what is this? I think this is the right time that we people start thinking something and do our bit to fight against this global warming, before it gets too late!

5 Responses to More Fog, No Visibility, What to Do?

  1. Aakanksha says:

    M loving this weather!

  2. Ajay Sharma says:

    How I wish Winter is the only weather Delhi had…

    Take off little inconvenience of fog and rest is all fun…

  3. vandana says:

    Only one weather we can enjoy in Delhi..that is WINTERS………..!
    From every point of view…..eating . drinking ,wearing and dating tooooooo ;)

    LET’s ENJOY !!!! (coffee)

  4. Sadhana raj says:

    m loving it – just love this packed wacked weather………..

  5. Rithika says:

    These days even Bangalore’s Weather is cold too.

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