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Pay Your Bills in the Metro Station!

Paying mobile bills on time is an important chore for all the cellular frenzy people today. But it sure is time consuming to go all the way to the store to pay our bills especially when you are running late. To ease this problem, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is lending out a helping hand by introducing kiosks or multi-service payment machines known as UNIPAY in about 20 Metro stations.

Pay Your Bills in the Metro Station!

As of now, the machines can only cater to recharge or payment of mobile bills. However, soon these services would be upgraded with the public being able to pay their other utility bills as well. These include water and electricity bills, railway bookings, DTH recharge, insurance premium, air ticket bookings, and movie tickets and so on.

This makes the station for one-stop shop for everything. And all that a person is required to do is to make it to the nearest metro station and get done with the payment while waiting for the train. How convenient this would make to get done with the major chores with no additional time to be spent on the way!

These kiosks have been installed in four stations of the 20 proposed stations. They have been set up in the unpaid area of these stations. The rest of the 16 stations would feature these kiosks in the paid section.

Passengers can access these machines for various purposes such as for making transactions. The machines cater to a touch-screen from where the user can conduct the necessary function by selecting the necessary service provider to pay their mobile bills or recharge.

The process involves the user to type the mobile number and then continue with the transaction by inserting the required deposit in the slot provided in the machine. The kiosk has the facility to accept currency notes up to Rs. 1000. It would then generate a receipt after the completion of the transaction.

In the coming two months, these machines would spread across 132 stations which are operational in the city. All in all, the national capital is sure on its way to further technological development.

2 Responses to Pay Your Bills in the Metro Station!

  1. Ajay Sharma says:

    Since the facility is being introduced at Metro, I believe it should work and extended for more facilities.

  2. Farwa says:

    It will be useful………..

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