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What Exactly a Girl Child Wants?

Starting from opening her eyes in her mother’s womb to closing them in the grave, a girl goes through many emotions, relations and expectations. The life is demanding in many aspects. As a daughter, she is brought up in such a way that she has to succumb to her needs in front of her male sibling (s). The latter (you believe it or not) is pampered, knowing he is the “chirag” of the “khandaan!”

What Exactly a Girl Child Wants?

No matter how advanced we applaud ourselves to be or how much education we hoard in our minds, somewhere deep inside our hearts, we know that lacs and lacs of money would be spent on her marriage, hence; we could not help but to take side of our dear boy in every decision! Irony is that we ourselves sometimes fail to recognize our partial deeds towards boy child! Poor girl, she has NO option but to get used to this behavior again and again!

She has grown up now, going to college, understanding life and making mates! Then why is the freedom to have late night-outs prearranged for her brother and not her? Why is she speculated when she fails to pick up her cell (assuming that she must be with her boyfriend) but her brother is spared from every deed, be it not reverting back the calls or even having his cell switched off?

That phase is also passed by yielding to parent’s and society’s demands. It’s the day of her marriage. Be it a love or an arranged marriage, she is always expected to walk in accordance with her family’s traditions, fulfilling every ritual which is demanded from her, be it at the cost of her health or wish!

She has two kids now. True, that every woman cannot afford a servant at home. In this case, she is expected to take care of them, work for them, and know their needs, while husband is all busy attending meets, coming back late from office and still wanting his dinner on the dining table exact on time. He is not expected to give an excuse for coming late but wife, if comes late once in a while, her mother-in-law is all set to fire on her, while husband standing at side, speculating at every behavior of hers!

And it’s not about educated or non-educated, rich or poor family, but it’s about being orthodox! We have to believe that conventionalist notions still exist in major parts and would continue to govern us till eternity!!!

12 Responses to What Exactly a Girl Child Wants?

  1. shalini says:

    well said, so many girls, women & mother are facing same problem but we can not change the society ??????????

    I hope ek din sab thhek hoga

  2. Sadhana raj says:

    really hurts when i read such kind of articles…….. but one day ppl will realize who is really the chirag of khanda- Boy or Girl ” “

  3. Ajay Sharma says:

    This change can come ONLY with one single step. literacy of girl child.

  4. Mandeep jas says:

    Touch wood. its not in my family……..all freedom and top class education has been give to the daughters…..but yes life changes after marriage…….infact parents would be helpless for this…but do not loose your identity at any cost…its ok to be adjustable but to some extent…you haven’t made any sin of getting married…relax…..in today’s world girls and boys are on same level….and i would request everybody to make aware to every girl relates to any relationship to respect her self respect……be strong…..

  5. Aakanksha says:

    its not about being strong………. its about going thru that orthodox behavior which can break even the strongest!

  6. Rachna says:

    Liked the article alot! Yes even in the present times in majority, girls are treated with the orthodox patterns and rules.

  7. Farwa says:

    Nice Article …………Its hurts when u read it Girls are always Suffering from the day she born till end of her life.

  8. Gurpreet says:

    to some extent, people/ society have changed in giving girl/women her due.. That’s the reason majority of our counterparts are literate & prefer working.

  9. Sadhana raj says:

    i personally think its not about freedom and Higher education , every parents want to nurture their child at very best, its beyond that…

  10. Mandeep jas says:

    Completely and only agreed with Mr. Ajay Sharma…..well well said….

  11. Geeta says:

    I do agree with Farwa. I always say this to my friends that starting from our birth to till our life we always suffer.

  12. rubi says:

    Completely and only agreed with Mr. Ajay Sharma…. well well said….

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