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What You Know In Your 30s That You Didn’t Know In Your 20s!

You are in your 30s and thank yourself for being in the best phase of your life… You are rich in experience, in relationships and in money matters too. Ask those who have entered their 30s, they will tell you how it feels to live this paramount time of their life.

What You Know In Your 30s That You Didn’t Know In Your 20s!

Here are the perspectives of some lucky 30s! A person working as the head of a call centre proudly boasts about his financial independence and how he doesn’t have to think twice of spending too much money on pints after pints, unlike in his 20s when he was struggling all guns to make his future. Just like him, others in their 30s have worked hard enough to live a comfortable lifestyle; own a gigantic house, automobile and other things of desire! No more stopping now!

Here is what another lucky person in his late 30s has to say… Coming to emotional well-being, you have all the experience right under you! You are mentally stable and know how to keep patience in your relationships… You have been into various relations and know the pin-points of each… you are comfortable about your body, tried various sexual positions and know what works for you the best. By this time, you are very well aware of what turns you off and what are your partner’s turn offs! In short, you know ALLLLLLLLL!

It’s a great time for you. You are not confused unlike a 23 year old who is still unsure of what to achieve in life and what their dreams are. You know what your aspirations are, so it’s the stage which is all about executing your plans and making them better and better.

Attraction, it’s all about attraction. Contrary to what you think, people are more attracted by you in your 30s. It can be your rich experience, comfort with your own self or you way of tackling things, the point of attraction can be any of them or may be the one out of the list!

After finishing the race in your late 20s, it is this phase when you start enjoying life at full force. You are more stable, calm and understand the value of relationships unlike a restless chap in his twenties who is too young to understand what life is.

So, all you folks in their 30s… never regret and enjoy this phase with full glitters.

7 Responses to What You Know In Your 30s That You Didn’t Know In Your 20s!

  1. Rachna says:

    Well With age.. one learns certain stuff and also gains experience. Even I am waiting to explore with age and time

  2. Sekhar says:

    30s are full of responsibilities… the experience gained during 20s help to handle 30s….

  3. Sadhana raj says:

    it is the matter of maturity and it comes with experience when we get older and older we transfer ourselves from dream into reality slowly and slowly…. and that makes a big difference… we shift our mind soul and heart from the world to dream to the world of reality and started living properly and maturely..but 20′s we can never forget… we should enjoy evry stage of age whether we are at 16 or 61…

  4. Gurpreet says:

    there are 2 sides of every coin and both are different. If we have +ve points then there are -ve points as well. In 30′s, you have gained experience in almost all spheres. If finances have increased, then family has also increased and along with it responsibilities. earlier it was only u & u, no other tensions where as now its hubby, children, in laws, relatives…. list goes on. Agree @ Sadhana – ENJOY every age/ stage of life

  5. Aakanksha says:

    its not about responsibilities or freedom.. the article shares deeper aspects like lessons learnt, experience gained in 30s which come into rescue when one reaches 30s!!!! u have gone thru all, seen all, and hence have a broader perspective of life as compared to say a 23 old kid, who is still learning life!

  6. shalini says:

    One thing I have remember in my 30′s that I did not know in my 20′s is how important my friendships are … Once you are become 30′s and trying to figure out where your life is going, it’s the friends that really make the difference in your world.

  7. Shilpa Tambe says:

    I do feel more confident, matured and stable, feels like having all the controls in my hand.

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