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Delhi is the Hot-Hit Kidnap Capital

Delhi has got a new tag – the new Kidnap Capital! Should we applaud the capital for getting this tag or morn over the mock hidden behind this tab?

Was the title for being one of the unsafe cities for girls not enough that now this tag of being a kidnap capital is swallowing Delhi’s image altogether! What are the authorities doing? What role does the government has here where people are being abducted like animals and authorities are sitting with one hand over other, probably busy in their deep slumber! Or let us say this way that these high profile politicians and people in power hardly manage to take time out of their page-3 parties and pint of vodkas in their hands!

Delhi is the HotHit Kidnap Capital

An abducted boy killed… foreigners found a close escape from the abduction and other stories on the cards… these are some of the recent happenings in last few hours of Delhi’s roads!

The two women from South Korea, Lee Jung Yi (40) and daughter Hardason (22) still cannot believe their destinies that they are alive to share their tales with all… They faced seizure when a man took them on an isolated place at the Delhi- Meerut bypass road on the edge of his gun and robbed them through all their cash, with assistance from three other men who were following them. Imagine what could have happened to them… rape… brutal killing or anything!

Reading incidents of these kinds really send shivers in my spine. I am regular walker to my home too; and walking in evening becomes a nightmare, especially with chilling winters and exaggerated darkness around! It was not long back when I wrote on eve-teasing which has been a ritual on Delhi’s streets now! Now kidnapping is NOT left behind too! I wonder what follows next! A rape-capital?

3 Responses to Delhi is the Hot-Hit Kidnap Capital

  1. Mahesh Dwivedi says:

    Definitely outlaws are finding Delhi as a safe heaven for their illegal activities. Hopes that government should act quickly and strongly to nab down criminals.

  2. Aakanksha says:

    i wonder wt comes next?????

  3. shalini says:

    Yes, Delhi has now become very unsafe. specially for Girls and children

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