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Qualify – Denmark Green Card Visa

Denmark today is gaining prominence as a prolific destination for immigration aspirants seeking better prospects for their lives. Having requisite skills for the occupations enlisted in positive list there present great possibility for you to Qualify For the Green Card and obtain residence permit.

Qualification criteria for green card or residence permit is established through point based evaluation of application. Point based assessment of application evaluates applications on parameters of education, age, professional experience, adaptability and Language skills.

You need to score a minimum of 100 points in this evaluation to Qualify For Denmark Green Card Visa. Distribution of the weightage of points wary for each criteria.

Educational qualifications form basic of evaluation preference pattern. Your academic credentials will be assessed by Cirius for purpose of establishing parity in accordance with Danish educational standards.

A minimum of Bachelor’s degree is a pre-requisite and can fetch 30 points in assessment. A Phd. can easily fetch you 80 points in this assessment thereby enhancing possibilities of earning a residence permit.

Besides basic points on educational level one can score additional bonus points for graduating from a renowned university. It can get you a juicy addition in scores.

Language skills is also an important aspect of point based assessment. Your ability to survive in country is assessed through you language ability. It is mandatory for one to have a fair command over one of the Nordic languages along with a fair proficiency in English or German. Acceptable language module tests are taken as documentary proofs of your language skills. You can score a maximum of 30 points in this parameter.

Professional work experience as an important review issue can help you Qualify for Danish Green Card Visa. It can fetch a maximum of 15 points. Your credentials are assessed on basis of number of years you have spent in last 5 years in a field where Denmark is facing shortage of qualified workforce. You can also score points in occupations other than positive list, but priority is primarily laid out on positive list.

Adaptability parameter presumably acts a boost for people who have worked or studied in any of the EU/EEA (including Denmark) or Switzerland. The government of Denmark presumes these people to be well versed with the labor market environment and quicker settlement in the country. 15 points are allotted for this prerequisite but only either for work or for education.

People under 40 are desirable for entry in country and can help you score a maximum of 15 points. Besides these pre-conditions to Qualify For residence permit under Green card System you also need to demonstrate your ability to support yourself financially for period of one year in Denmark.

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