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Migrate to New Zealand

There are several ways to immigrate to New Zealand. An applicant must first decide whether he/she wants to immigrate to New Zealand temporarily or permanently. Then the question arises that how to migrate to New Zealand temporarily or permanently. To answer this question you should be informed about the programs and procedures under which you can apply for visa approval.

A foreigner can enter New Zealand by following ways:-

  • Work visa
  • Visitors visa
  • Study visa
  • Family class visa
  • Investors visa

Work Visa can be either temporary or permanent. Temporary work visa is for those people, who have a job offer from New Zealand Employer. You can also apply under this category if you are expert or experienced in any of the skills required in New Zealand. Temporary work visa is for those immigrants who want to visit New Zealand for a particular business purpose like conference, etc. a person who is on student visa and want to work may also apply under this program.

For visiting New Zealand you may or may not need visa. New Zealand immigration department has a visa waiver list which includes the names of countries. If you belong to any of those countries then you will not need visa to visit New Zealand for a particular duration.

If you want to Study in New Zealand at school or tertiary level you must meet certain rules and requirements. Student visa is required if you want to study in New Zealand for period of more than three months.

To get visa approval you will need to give evidence for following details:-

  • Name and Contact details of the person providing education
  • Proper fee structure including annual fee and total fee required for the course
  • Enrollment confirmation, etc

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Decide the purpose and program under which you want to apply and then further enquire how to migrate to New Zealand under that particular program. You can apply under any program, if you fulfill the eligibility criteria. So, it is advised to go through eligibility requirements carefully, before applying. You can take the help of reliable consultancy houses like Abhinav to get your visa.

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