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IELTS Requirements for Australia Migration

Language proficiency is something that needs to be satisfied by the applicants by submitting the adequate proof. For Australia immigration, you need to satisfy the language proficiency requirement by showing your skills in speaking, reading and writing English language. In other words, to get an Australian immigration visa, the intending applicants must be fluent in English.

Being a well known body that is concerned about managing immigration rules, DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia) has set some major requirements – Proficiency in English Language being one of the key – that need to be qualified by the applicants, to obtain visa successfully.

Emerging as a major tool of assessing English skills and having a worldwide acceptance, the IELTS (International Language Testing System) score is submitted as a proof of English proficiency to DIAC. Submission of the latest IELTS score is quite mandatory by all those applicants who are applying under skilled worker category for Immigration to Australia.

The IELTS test is conducted by testing the candidate on the four main components of the language on factors such as Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

While going through an assessment of the application, DIAC considers seven English skills levels that have been listed below.

Full-proficiency in English, the applicants who score at least 7 points in all components in their IELT test score will be kept in this category. For this, they can enjoy scoring maximum 25 points under General Skilled Migration point test.

Competent English, the applicants who score minimum 6 points in all four components can be kept under this category. Such applicants are entitled to be awarded maximum 15 points in the point test.

Concessional Competent English, those who score an average band score of 5.5 in their IELTS test score will be kept under this category. Such applicants will also be awarded 15 points in the GSM point test.

Vocational English, the applicants who have at least 5 points in all the four components of the IELTS test can enjoy this category and for that, they can earn maximum 15 points in the GSM point test.

Functional English, Applicants who earned a minimum 4.5 points as their IELTS test score, come under this category. Such candidates, however, don’t get any points in the GSM test.

Limited English, those applicants who score minimum 4 points considering all the 4 components of the IELT test, placed into this category. These applicants also don’t get any points in their GSM point test.

No English, as the name suggests, the applicants who fall under this category have very limited knowledge of language. These candidates also don’t get any points under the GSM point test.

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