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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Document Checklist

Introduced by the Government of Manitoba, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is greatly recognized as an excellent immigration program and caters the needs of the skilled workers and businessmen in the country.

The program selects the skilled workers and businessmen finally, nominates them with a clear purpose of granting them a visa to fulfill their purpose of living and working in the province of Manitoba and enjoy the right of permanent residents of Canada.

Referring commonly as the MPNP, the program serves its main purpose to lure those applicants who are not able to qualify the Canadian immigration requirements directly can make their dream come true through this program.

Here’s an important list of all the documents that require to be submitted by the candidates to qualify the program.

Additional Family Information, the applicants must be having a proof in the form of completed, and signed (IMM 5406) form by all the family members. The sign will be mandatory of those members who are above of 18 years of age.

Application Form (IMM 0008), all the applicants must have IMM 0008 form, which must be completed and signed by the family members, must be above of 18 years old.

Supplementary Information Form (MBSUP), the candidates must complete only one MBSUP form. Go through the application to check whether all questions have been answered with a proper accuracy and also signed properly by the principle applicants and spouse.

Information Release Form (MBREL), the form must be completed and signed by the main applicant and their spouse. Besides, the form must contain sign of a witness as well.

Marriage Information, if the applicants are married, they must provide all the details regarding this along with their marriage certificate. Besides, they are also supposed to give all the details related to their children, only if they have.

Passport, it is certainly one of the most important documents that need to be produced by all the applicants.

Academic Information, academic documents like degrees, diplomas and certificates all need to be produced. Besides, the applicants also need to ensure that all the documents meant to be submitted must be translated either into English or French language.

Apart from that, the applicants will be asked for various other documents like Employment Offer, Proof of relationship to family in Manitoba, Family support, Work-evidence in Manitoba, Education in Manitoba and Settlement Fund.

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3 Responses to Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Document Checklist

  1. Autallah says:

    I’m interested in immigration to canada as an Architect

  2. sanam says:

    Dear Autallah,

    Kindly send us detailed resume of self and spouse at sanam@abhinav.com for an appropriate advise.

  3. Shetal says:

    I am interested MPNP via family stream. I’ve my uncle and 2 first cousins in Manitoba. I am not able to find any required documents info anywhere except diplomas, references, settlement 1 and 2. Also approximately how long does this process take?


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