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Canada to Issue 35,000 Parents and Grandparents Visas in the Next Year

Canadian Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney’s recent announcement of granting 35,000 Visas (to grandparents and parents) of the overseas immigrants in the coming year, gave many of them genuine reasons to celebrate. The number of visas is however the same, as were issued in the current year.

Kenney however said that the figure is 60 percent more than the number granted in 2010 and also the largest number for 20 years. With an intention to process new applications for parents or grandparents who are keen to visit the country, Canadian government started the Action Plan for offering faster and hassle-free a family reunification.

The government also made an effort to reduce the backlog of applications in the specified time period. In 2011, the backlog of the applications was nearly 165,000 and around 8 years of waiting list.

Considering this, Kenney made an announcement that no fresh applications will accepted for a minimum 24 months. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) hopes that it will be able to reduce the backlog of around 20 percent by the end of the current year.

While addressing a press conference on Tuesday (November 5), Kenney gave a clear indication of introducing a new system to provide fast service and will be helpful in reducing backlog.

CIC has also taken a major step towards this by launching a national consultation in March this year. Besides, it also continued to operate an online consultation until May 25, 2012. The results of such online consultations are expected to be published soon on CIC’s official website, as of statement came from CIC.

Kenney revealed that 25,000 visas issued to the parents on the backlog, CIC also gave an indication of granting of nearly 10,000 visas (Parents and grand parents) by the end of this year. Such visas were first granted in the month of December 2011 and paved the way for parents who were seeking to visit Canada to meet their children residing in the country.

Those parents who want to enter the country must undergo a medical examination and having health insurance plan for at least one year. They are certainly entitled to get the number of benefits, apart from granted to stay in the country for up to two years.

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