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UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa Processing Time

UK has become an investment opportunity for it being a developed nation and also because it allows the talents world over to come and prosper at UK. A higher influx of candidates even during the recession is a testimony to this fact. The influx has also caused tremendous pressure on the governing authorities to process the applications at a faster rate and also to keep an eye on every minute detail. However, the UK entrepreneur tier 1 visa processing time varies from nation to nation. The authorities in UK have made it made it compulsory to process every visa application subject to the nationality, status, professional and academic background and compliance with the visa requirements.

Still the UK entrepreneur tier 1 visa processing time can significantly be reduced if all the necessary details and papers are produced along with the application form. The UK entrepreneur tier 1 visa is specifically meant for the budding investors who seek a business opportunity in UK. It therefore becomes imperative to ask for the relevant experience, availability of the funds and the authenticity of claims. The intending investors are required to submit details about the –

  • Provision of the Investment fund that amounts to not less then £200,000
  • Provision of the Venture Capital fund that amounts to not less then £50,000

The processing time for the UK entrepreneur tier 1 visa can be significantly reduced if the above two criteria are substantiated by one or more then one of the financial institutions at UK on availability of the funds. The application form must be accompanied with a certificate ‘in-writing’ by the financial institution.

The requirements of the visa application make it necessary to submit details on maintenance fund. The availability on maintenance fund shows the financial sufficiency of a candidate to meet his expenses at UK during the visa period. A certificate on the same by the financial institution should also speed up the processing time of the UK entrepreneur tier 1 visa. The candidates are also supposed to provide a certificate on English language proficiency that shows his capability to converse at the foreign land. A proper compilation of these requirements should see that the visa is produced in a lesser time frame. The authorities will find it easier to cross validate the application’s authenticity and credibility on the basis of the paper, without resorting to any further verification. It is also suggested that the application form should be accompanied with a copy of each of the document. The copies should be duly endorsed or attested by any governing authority. The processing time on UK entrepreneur tier 1 visa depends much on the sufficiency of all the relevant papers that correspond to the applicant’s nationality, education, qualification and experience. A timely and proper submission should ensure that the processing time is significantly reduced and the intending investor gets the visa on time.

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