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Know About Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program 2013

There was a pause on applications under Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program since 1st July 2012. This prevented so many skilled and capable employees from immigrating to Canada. Few days back, Mr. Jason Kenney announced that CIC (Canadian Immigration and Citizenship) department would be accepting applications from 4th may 2013. He also announced that department has made certain changes in order to improve the employability of selected candidates and to support the economy of Canada.

Let us know About Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program 2013. This program is similar to older one when it comes to basics. It will allow immigrants to live and work permanently in any province or territory Canada except Quebec. For those who are willing to apply for Quebec specifically CIC department has separate category. Right now, we will focus on Canada Federal Skilled Worker program only. IT is still a point’s based procedure. Although changes have been introduced in the share of factors that provide the points. Some of the important parameters that are included are as follows: –

•  Age of the applicant
•  Proficiency in Canadian official languages (English and French)
•  Academic qualification of applicant
•  Work experience and
•  Adaptability

An immigration applicant has to score a minimum threshold score in order to qualify under this category. Some of the parameters have separate minimum score necessary. The most important factor is language. Applicant has to go through two language tests in order to prove their proficiency. These tests judge them on the basis of their reading, writing and speaking skills of Canadian official languages. You can earn maximum twenty –nine points if you are proficient in English and French. Test to prove your skills in English language includes

1.  CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program
2.  IELTS: International English Language Testing System

Test to prove knowledge of French is TEF: Test d’évaluation de français.

It is obligatory to submit their results along with your application. If you feel that you are not good enough in these languages then try and learn them before sitting for the test because language is an important factor when it comes to employability. Without the results of these test your application will not go further for processing as it will be considered as an incomplete application package.

If you are young then its good. You do not have to worry about the fact that older applicants have more experience as Canadian immigration and citizenship department is giving priority to the youth as they are considered to be more adaptable. When it comes to adaptability then your time spent in the country and any kind of work experience in Canada can be really helpful. If your spouse or other dependants who are mentioned on your immigration application are good at English or French, then again it will help you to gain adaptability points.

IF you get a full time permanent job offer by a Canadian employer then it can easily compensate for your lack of work experience. You may contact an immigration consultant in order to know more about Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program 2013 or keep track of all the Canadian immigration news.

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