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Momentous Canadian Immigration Plan to Magnetize Global Job Creators

In a significant development, the concerned citizenship & immigration minister of Canada has reportedly proclaimed that Ottawa will come-up with a trademark new immigration arrangement. The Start-Up Visa Program–the scheme in question–will be introduced on April 1 this year.

According to the Jason Kenney, the incumbent Canadian minister, the new immigration map will concentrate on hiring those ground-breaking and modern entrepreneurs from abroad, who will positively address the issue of unemployment and job loss in the country, through the creation of fresh and attractive work-opportunities for the nationals.

Talking about the development, Kenney was quoted as saying that Canada’s new Start-Up Permit will assist make the nation the preferred hub for the ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs from across the globe to set-up their enterprises/firms on the Canadian soils.

The minister added that drafting such energetic and vigorous businessmen and capitalists from across the globe will prove beneficial for Canada also even as the nation will continue to progressively shine on the map of the world economy. Apparently, the said program will connect the overseas entrepreneurs with private sector groups in the Maple Country which have useful experience operating with start-ups, and who may offer critical resources.

The Start-Up Permit is the first of its type, and will decisively draw the people with high potential, who will have a genuine influence on the national economy. By offering the valuable immigrant businessmen/capitalists with the prized permanent residency status–and the instant right to effectively utilize a vast range of business associates–the Maple Country will position itself as a highly favored destination for new enterprises.

Connecting forward-thinking overseas entrepreneurs with well established private sector groups is pivotal to the success and growth of both investors and capitalists/industrialists in developing business organizations, even as the same will not only compete at the world stage, but also generate handsome job-opportunities throughout the country.

Minister Kenney further said that creation of rewarding & well-paying job-opportunities, overall development, and enduring success remain the topmost priorities for Ottawa even as the latest Start-Up Scheme accentuates the administration’s pledge to improve innovation & free enterprise in the Canadian labour market.

The new arrangement will continue for not more than 5 years. And, Immigration Canada believes that–in view of the restricted focus of the scheme–at first, the total number of the petitions filed will not be much. Still, Kenny continued, the emphasis of the Start-Up Permit will be on the overall worth and significance of the candidates, and on instituting a background and history of success and achievement.

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