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Australia PR Point Calculator 2012

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship make it mandatory for every applicant to score a least of 60 points on the Skillselect. The objective with the points based assessment is to establish the economic viability of the immigration. The immigrants must be assessed for his educational, professional and behavioural competences for a mutually beneficial coexistence. Australia pr point calculator 2012 allows an intending migrant to key in his details on education, professional expertise, English language and other relevant details. Abhinav outsourcing helps every applicant to simulate the points test made mandatory by DIAC from 1st July 2012.

The applicants need to first key-in their age on the Australia pr point calculator 2012. The immigration policy emphasizes on having a younger lot of immigrants to achieve a higher productivity. The applicants are also supposed to be very efficient with the English language comprehension and speaking. A good score on the IELTS ‘International English Language Test Score’ means that

The applicant’s score on IELTS is also affected with him being competent, proficient and superior with the language. A higher level of capabilities on English language should fetch the applicant higher points. For instance, an applicant with 8+ score on IELTS and pass marks on OET A should fetch the maximum marks. The applicants can also have their application scored on the criteria of the academic qualification. The calculator shows that higher points are allocated to candidates who have a Doctorate degree in hand. The points taper down with graduation and a diploma course. The point based system makes it imperative to the candidates that education forms a key criteria on immigration. A good education means that the applicant is well placed to get a good employment opportunity and a good career ahead. The prospects of a good job gradually diffuse for a plain graduate or a diploma holder.

The Australia pr point calculator 2012 also requires the applicant to mention the details on his years of experience. An applicant with 8+ years of experience would be allotted more points as compared to an applicant with 5 years of experience and the one with 3 years of experience. SkillSelect also goes on to include the spouse as addition to the existing points based assessment.   The skills, English language comprehension and the professional experience of the spouse are also added as input to the points tally.

A positive score i.e. more than 60 should make the applicant eligible for a visa and the corresponding merit on the list should fetch him or her, the skilled worker visa.

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  1. Mohit says:

    I have done diploma in pharmacy and 6year exp in retail pharmacy can I eligible for pr in Australia

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