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Australia visa subclass 189

Australia is one of the few such countries that utilize a point based assessment criteria with its immigration policy. SkillSelect requires an applicant to key-in the details on various scales to which points are assigned. The cumulative merit list is then made visible on SkillSelect for the employers and the state officials to choose from. However the Skilled Independent visa, a.k.a Australia visa subclass 189 is meant for the skilled workers who are not under any sponsorship from the state, territory, employer or any family member. The visa needs to be acquired purely on the basis of the merit score that reflects the economic viability of the immigrant. The visa holder under this category can live and work permanently in Australia along with certain family members.

The SkillSelect lays forward a list of requirements under the Australia visa subclass 189 which the applicant must comply with.

The applicant needs to first show an Expression of Intent ‘EOI’ about joining Australian soil with occupation as objective. For this the application should also mention the academic and professional qualifications of the individual to give an idea of the professional expertise that suits the occupation criteria.

The applicant is also required to make a selection on any of the available occupations out of the SOL ‘Skilled Occupation List’. The list shows the present available jobs in the Australian economy and one that matches the candidate’s criteria.

At the time of receiving the invitation the application the applicant should be less then 50 years on age

SkillSelect makes it mandatory for the applicant to show a positive score on the IELTS score. The International English Language Test Score shows the competency of the applicant with English language as superior, excellent or workable. The points too are allocated as per the level on competency.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship at Australia has devised the immigration policy with an intention to bring in the most competent of the workforce for a positive influence on the economy. The Skillselect therefore ranks the applications on the basis of the total points score. For an applicant, to become eligible for Australia visa subclass 189, a minimum score of 60 should must be achieved. SkillSelect also allows the applicant to mention similar details on the Spouse’s ability on job criteria which are also added to the cumulative score. The SkillSelect would then send invitations to the most eligible of the lot as per the merit list.

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