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Canada Immigration for IT Professionals 2013

Recently an Annual Report was presented by the Minister of Immigration, Canada-Jason Kenney on Immigration to Parliament in which the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) analyzed 2012 immigration levels and accordingly goal for the forthcoming fiscal year were planned. The goals planned out in this report will have long reaching impact on the immigration policies of both national and local levels and are bound to apply to the Canada immigration for IT professionals’ 2013 program as well.

New immigration levels for 2013

The report has stipulated that the immigration to Canada will be stable and around 2, 40,000 to 265,000 new visas for permanent residence will be given in the year 2013. So, Canada will be looking forward to maintaining its top position as the G8 country with maximum immigration level.

Various levels of immigration and programs for IT professionals and skilled workers

The FSWC (Federal Skilled Worker Class) will be facing small shift in the 2013 target for immigration. In the current year the immigration program for skilled workers will be issuing Permanent Resident visas in between 55,000 and 57,000. Indeed, the goal seems to have come slightly down, but even then this Canada immigration for IT professionals’ 2013 program will still be the biggest Permanent Residency program for entering Canada. Since the FSWC is expected to issue fewer numbers of visas in 2013, interested applicants are sure to face tougher competition for submitting their applications within the deadline. Not surprisingly hence, preparation for submission of the application were already started in the second part of 2012 by some zealous applicants.

The applicants can look forward to getting the visa through the Quebec Skilled Worker program which will continue with the same target goal as of 2012. Since QSW is the 3rd largest program related to obtaining Canadian Permanent Residency, the IT professionals can also apply through QSW.

Eligibility criteria Federal Skilled Worker Program 2013

The latest eligibility criteria which was announced in August 2012 in the Gazette of Canada  expects all the Federal Skilled Workers including IT professionals to clear the following criteria:

  • At least 67 points will have to be obtained by the applicant on the latest point grid
  • He should possess an experience of working full time for minimum one year in the last 10 consecutive years.
  • Applicant will be required to fulfill the Canadian Language Benchmark: 7 which expects the applicant to display minimum adequate proficiency in the intermediate language-either French or English
  • Applicants should get all their educational credentials belonging to foreign universities authenticated and also assessed so that they are equal to Canadian level.

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