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American Tech Sector Supports Immigration Improvement

According to certain fresh reports, the US tech companies are strongly backing the proposed all-inclusive immigration overhaul reform bill presently being worked upon by a grouping of 8 US senators. Many tech industry groups are also backing the bill.

Significantly, for several years, the US tech companies have extended their support to skilled immigration restructurings even as they depend on overseas-born manpower to fill numerous job-openings. Apparently, it could be due to the fact that not many local students these days are really opting to enroll for computer science courses at the university level, and because the American populace is ageing rather fast.

Tech groups really opine immigration overhaul in country’s interest

Despite the truth that the American tech industry is backing the reform–apparently for tactical reasons–some experts on the issue believe that several from the domain also actually think that immigration reform is in the country’s overall interest.

Boosting this theory is the fact that many Washington observers disclose that the legislation–being worked upon by the Gang of Eight–has a practical chance of becoming law as it enjoys wide support, not only in the US capital, but also across the length and breadth of the nation.

Soon after storming back to power, the incumbent President allegedly proclaimed that he was committed to bring-in complete reorganization of the nation’s immigration arrangement in 2013. However, he added that he was ready to leave the drafting of the bill in the hands of a bipartisan grouping of senators.

Immigration overhaul: nuts & bolts

The primary components of the structure include:

  • Creating of a path to the US citizenship for nearly 11 million unlawful migrants presently residing in the nation.
  • Boosting security along the US-Mexican borders.
  • Additional resources to be employed for keeping a track on the overseas nationals in the US on permits.
  • Improving the US permit scheme to cut-down backlogs.
  • Proffering Green Cards to overseas technology graduates from American universities.
  • Introducing ‘e-verify’ arrangement to stop unlawful migrants from getting employed in the nation.
  • Introducing a low-trained migrant worker permit, which would enable the American recruiters/firms to hire overseas workers in certain sectors–including agriculture–where it may not be possible to employ the local people.

Lately, the government allegedly has growingly been biased even while some commentators affirm that the Republican Congressmen will cast their votes against an all-inclusive bill as quite a few Republican voters don’t support any legislation, which may create a path to citizenship for the prohibited migrants. Some even allege that it would be, sort of, rewarding criminal deeds & inspiring additional unlawful aliens into the country.

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