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Australia SKillSelect Update – Right Time to File Application for Australia Immigration

As per us the most acknowledged Australian migration consultancy agency offering services and support since 1994 it is the Right Time to File Application for Australia Immigration. If you do believe us and walk in for assistance then your decision is bound to bring in immense advantages and benefits as you will be able to speed up the application process.

The current trends in the SKillSelect selection process indicate rightly at what we have been implying since the advent of this platform in July 2012. The indications are favorable for the applicants in waiting and remember this new Australian skills migration concept sans the first come first serve based processing priority.

Over the consecutive short listing rounds it has been noticed that EOI ranked higher have been selected over the earlier filed EOIs with lesser marks (achieved in critical profile analysis process). The trends are further encouraging as the each of the rounds has witnessed majority of EOIs being selected in the 60-70 marks band. In these rounds also i.e. dated 03 June 2013 the trends have continues as it is.

In last round of automated short listing process the system picked up an overwhelming number of EOIs in subclass 189 with marks within the 60 to 70 marks i.e. (over 90%), with majority of EOI being in 60 marks category. Although the selection marks band is not the true indicator of the situation in each trade pool. This emphasizes our claim of this being the Right Time to File Australia Immigration Application.

One more thing which we term as encouraging that in this round only 693 people were forwarded invitations for next round of processing under subsection 189 as against the targeted number of 1000. This clearly indicates at lack of EOIs available in trade code pools.

Some of the trade codes have reached their annual number cap i.e.

  • 233111 – Chemical and Materials Engineers
  • 261111 – ICT Business & System Analysts
  • 233411 – Electronic Engineers
  • 263311 – Telecommunications Engineering Professionals.
  • 233999 – Other Engineering Professionals
  • 261399 – Software and Applications Programmers

Other trade code that has achieved 75% of the number sealing includes

  • 233511 ¬- Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers – in this occupation code 1220 invitations have been extended out of total places of 1620.

In other classes also the selection process is continuing smoothly. We really emphasize that this is exactly the Right Time to File Application for Australia Immigration through ABHINAV!

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