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Australian permit costs increase to affect students, families

A report made available recently suggests that the augmentation in the expense for a visa submission for Australia immigration, that becomes effective from July 1 onwards, would seriously discourage families, students & even a large number of the individual visitors to the country.

As per the available information, the cost reform will bring the Kangaroo Land’s submission costs in tune with the ones decided by the concerned immigration & visa officials in Canada, the UK & the US, even while it will include an AU$80 surcharge for the permits not filed an application for, through the website of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Additional charges will also be applicable in the case of the family members suitably covered on a combined permit petition filed by a family member.

Talking about the development, an involved person allegedly said that the latest costs will increase the permit charges of a migrating family. AU$3,060 is the existing rate for the permits on the Employer Nomination Program, the General Skilled Migration Program, & the Regional Sponsored Migration Program.

Even though the base rate will continue to be the same, from 1 July onwards, an extra AU$1,530 will be charged for dependent adults who are over 18 years, and AU$765 for the family’s kids. For a couple–with 2 dependent kids–the cost of any of the three permits affected mentioned before will swell to AU$6,120.

She further said that the amount in question is decisively more than what’s usually sought for the services offered by a suitably registered visa & immigration professional. Non-permit-free longer-stay travelers, foreign students on multi-year study, besides employees on temporary permits could have to shell-out a Subsequent Temporary Application surcharge of AU$700 on their fresh temporary permits.

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