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Canada has sufficient jobs for both nationals, migrants: immigration observers

Immigration to Canada is rather common even as it’s the key factor that fuels the nation’s popularity at the global level and makes it very different, in the context of multiculturalism, claim some immigration observers, who add that the available information suggests that every year not less than 200,000 individuals shift to the Maple Leaf Country, and why not?

The nation offers numerous fresh opportunities, like wonderful working environments, a superior standard of living, and a healthcare arrangement which is apparently at par with the best in the business across the globe.  Nonetheless, not every aspirant gets a chance to move to the nation even while his overseas credentials are not duly recognized.

To stop aliens from shifting to the country, the administration had earlier come-up with certain immigration strategies even as these have altered the manner the government pictures the outsiders. A case in point is the Immigration Act of 1919, which provided the federal administration with the official right to prevent particular ethnic groups from shifting to the nation.

Cut to present: the administration will not duly recognize overseas credentials, in case the visitor does not possess any language proficiency in either French or English. An easy way out is teaching the alien any of these languages, continue the observers. This will not only prove useful for the migrant but also be in the overall interests of the national economy.

It’s no secret that several nationals are sitting idle, doing nothing and playing no role whatsoever in improving the national economy. Hence, the observers add that nothing will be really lost in a situation wherein the migrants wish to shift to hammer-out a living. The same, in fact, only further help the nation’s economy. They add that since there are sufficient work opportunities in the Maple Leaf Country, both the nationals & the migrants may be fruitfully engaged, minus causing any inconvenience to the either party.

Not permitting in more visitors and failing to recognize their overseas credentials have been an issue since too long.

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