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Immigrant parents have no business to be in Canada to just enjoy welfare: immigration minister

Taking a rather serious note of the alleged misuse of the welfare facilities in the country by the outsiders–especially the migrants’ parents & grandparents migrants—and perturbed over the reported misuse of the welfare facilities by these people, the Canadian minister has reportedly said that now the aspirants, keen to offer sponsorship to their parents & grandparents, would have to follow a fresh group of rules & regulations. Apparently, these guidelines prevent senior migrants from benefiting from the heavily government funded/free healthcare facilities & welfare initiatives.

Jason Kenney, the immigration minister, added that the figure of the individuals–permitted to gain admission into the nation, through the said visa class–will be capped at 5,000 even while 25,000 parents & grandparents would be allowed entry into the nation as permanent residents this year.

Factors behind program holdup

The amendments are brought via the immigration class of the family reunification. The fresh program has been on hold since 2011. Apparently, Ottawa was busy resolving the issue of backlogs and, as a result, the candidates had no options except to cool their heels for over 8 years for the processing of their visa-submissions. This is another matter that, despite several years of continued efforts, nearly 80,000 petitions are still in the queue.

Factors behind upper limit on number of old persons

According to Kenney, the volume of the old persons permitted to gain admission into the nation ought to capped & restricted with the reason being these migrants depend upon the national healthcare arrangement & similar other facilities proffered by the administration.

He added that a certain figure of grand parents would denote an extra expenditure of $400,000 to the nation. He further said that he is keen to allow a responsible level of family reunification at a sum which the country can afford.

Other related subjects

Apparently, Kenney is worried over the expenditure burden which hits the nation with the admission of every senior family member of a migrant even while, as a solution, he said the sponsoring family ought to cover the support expenses of the initial 10 years of the residency of their migrant parents or grandparents. But, nearly 25% of this overseas populace is using the benefits proffered by Ottawa.

Fresh conditions for migrants’ parents and/or grandparents

  • Required bare minimum income level ought to be up by not less than 30%;
  • Income threshold level evidence for not less than 3 years;
  • The appraisal offered by Canada Revenue Agency to be accepted as the sole evidence of earnings;
  • The commitment period for sponsorship to be swelled by an additional 10 years; and
  • Eighteen or below to be the dependents’ minimum age.

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