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Australia Immigration Authorities Urge Aspirants to Check Permits

As per certain fresh reports proffered by reliable sources, the involved Australian immigration officers have advised the Australia immigration inspired persons to make certain that they possess the right permit, in case they want to do a job in the country.

For instance, certain visitor permits do not authorize the non-citizens to do a job while they are in the nation even as those who do not hold a suitable permit any more are also not permitted to get involved with work activities in the Kangaroo Land. It’s also the duty of all companies to hire lawfully authorized manpower. Such employees include the citizens, permanent residents, besides non-citizens with permits which enable them to do a job in the country.

Since 2007, courtesy the Migration Act, it has been a crime to hire or refer an individual who lacks the permission to work in the nation. Of late, the concerned authorities have come down hard on illegal workers even as some fresh regulations were brought-in introducing civil punishments & breach notices for firms which authorize prohibited work. The law also broadens who may be held legally responsible & offers fresh proof gathering rights.

The latest punishments come into force in a situation wherein an individual or firm hires, contracts or refers an unauthorized non-citizen to do a job or a non-citizen to get employed in violation of a permit prerequisite which restricts work. The warnings arrive post 8 unlawful Malay workers were recently arrested in the neighborhoods of Perth.

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