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British immigration services to be affected by cuts, claims bureaucrat

Reportedly, a higher-ranking British official has informed the concerned UK organization that there would be a reduction in the Home Office’s budget even as immigration personnel would consequently be made unnecessary. The reduction in question will be allegedly made in 2015.

With a view to reduce the administration’s budget shortages, London has decided to shrink the public expenses. In this connection, the concerned chancellor recently proclaimed that the cabinet colleagues have made up their minds for further cuts of 11.5 billion British Pounds to their budgets to be initiated in 2015.

UKBA closed-down thanks to shabby performance

A few months back this year, the Home Secretary had declared that she would bring the curtains down on the UK Border Agency (UKBA) as it was not sufficiently good, and that the body had failed to cater to its service standard goals, for making available permits. Further, it had allegedly been able to issue just 21% of the Tier 1 Permits inside the necessary time boundary & unable to realize its goals for the Tier 4 Student & Tier 2 Skilled Worker Permits also.

With a view to perk-up the show of the UK immigration authorities, Theresa May, the Secretary, has shut-down the UKBA & restructured its workforce into 2 fresh bodies in the Home Office. While the first will issue permits & manage citizenship submissions, the other will monitor the immigration structure only to find & exile those who lack the right to be on the nation’s soils.

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