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British MP favors immigration reprieve for prohibited immigrants

According to certain new reports, a British parliamentarian has said that the future Conservative administration would do well to provide official pardon to the nearly 570,000 unlawful aliens in the UK, and proffer every one them indefinite leave to remain. He added the development would possibly help the Conservative Party gain the ethnic minority voters’ precious votes.

The MP further said that the Conservatives would have to be courageous, and be creative in their approach, with a view to draw additional support from the minority groups, adding the reprieve–apart from making the Conservatives stronger–would also lead to economic gains for the nation.

Gifting citizenship would enable unlawful aliens to cough-up taxes

The parliamentarian said that British immigration officials had such extensive backlogs that the unauthorized outsiders had a useful official pardon already even as he wished to make them a part of the officially permitted group wherein they may give taxes.

Reportedly, at the present, the Conservatives do not enjoy much popularity amongst the ethnic minority voters even as the MP claimed that not more than 6% of the ethnic minority voters offer backing to the Conservatives while 53% back the Labor Party—the UK Opposition Party.

Absence of immigrant support could have negatively affected Conservatives

Apparently, this could be a key factor behind the fact that presently the Conservatives are in the administration as the superior partner in a Coalition administration instead of leading the government unaided. Despite the fact that the previous election was held in 2010—when the nation was seriously in the grip of economic meltdown for which numerous British voters held the preceding Labor administration guilty–the Conservatives failed to emerge victorious with ease.

Instead they were forced to create a coalition, to sail through and grab power. Remarkably, the ethnic minority voters, at the present, make up an impressive share of the British electorate–more so in the UK capital & other national cities.

During the last year, the chief of the Conservatives, though the British premier had asked his party to increase base and develop support among ethnic minorities, apparently the concept of an amnesty does not seem to be occupying the thoughts of David Cameron, the PM.

Placing Asian, black aspirants on ‘A-list’ not sufficient

The premier reportedly wants additional black & Asian aspirants to be duly placed on the ‘A-list’. For those who are not tuned in, the aspirants, who make their way to the list, get preference for secure Conservative seats. Talking about this, the said parliamentarian observed that such small measures may not do the job. In case one really wishes to recreate the previous victories, it’s vital that he is not only enthusiastic but also bold even while he thinks really BIG.

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