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Changes to Subclass 457 Permit: No Need to Worry!

There have been widespread misconceptions and fears involving the amendments made to the subclass 457 visa that reportedly became effective from July 1, this year. Here an attempt is being made to shed some light on the issue, and positively address such fears.

Some people fear that the changes will affect Australian businesses. This is a groundless fear as the reforms will not unfavorably affect most of the recruiters/firms which are making use of the program properly. Still, the amendments will fortify the administration’s capability to recognize, and stop such recruiter/firm practices which are against the objects of the subcategory 457 scheme.

In case the organization has any concerns that a company/boss is not serious about offering the necessary training to the nationals of Down Under–or a nominated vacancy is fake—the same could be asked to furnish extra explanations, prior to a sponsorship or nomination may be duly sanctioned. At the same time, it’s also expected that the sponsors really identify with their fresh responsibilities.

Some others worry that the changes will impact the current subcategory 457 permit holders. Such people must know that there will be no unpleasant impacts on the current permit holders. But, the holders ought to take a note of the amendments made to the English language & skills conditions, in case they plan to change their job or seek an additional subcategory 457 Permit.

As far as the fears related to changes impacting the subcategory 457 permit aspirants are concerned, well, every subcategory 457 permit submissions filed prior to July 1, 2013, but not confirmed, will be subject to the latest permit conditions. The applicant’ case officer will seek additional information in case necessary.

Further, every subcategory 457 permit submissions filed post July 1, 2013 will be subject to the latest permit prerequisites. Most of the subcategory 457 permit candidates will not be impacted by the amendments. In certain situations, additional proof to display claims for a subcategory 457 permit could be sought. The permit candidates would do well to note the modifications made to the English language & skills prerequisites.

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